You become what you think about

“You become what you think about” … such an idea that will enrich your life!

Whatever you focus on will determine your quality of life. In other words, your everyday thoughts will determine your future.

Would you not agree? If you focus your attention to something negative, your whole mood goes bleh. If you think you will make mistakes, suprisingly as you had expected, everything goes wrong. If you are thinking about your future, your action becomes goal oriented… Is this not beautiful?

If you know this, then, you can always change your future. You are in control of your life. You feel powerful and strong because you are taking charge of your life every moment of your life.


For instance,  if my mind starts to drift, I firmly decideto steer my mind back to the focus of my future because I know that my thought determines my future. I know that I want to be great. So, I need and I want to think of great nourishing ideas that will flourish my life. I try to make a decision of not preoccupying my mind with trivial matters because that is not what I would like to attract and have.

Thus, I hope you will make every thoughts related to whom you want to become and be.

If you want and “can” imagine an ideal image of yourself, then, it means you can and are.  Perhaps not now, but within time, you will if you focus on becoming one.


Comment in below what kind of things you would like to think and become. I will reply to you 🙂 Perhaps, it all start from just writing it down and believing in it 🙂









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