Pain is a sign that it is time to change

“Pain is a sign that it is time to change”

In the society we are in today, we are  constantly bashed that giving up is a sign of failure. It is something shameful and weak. But, is enduring pain without feeling any sense of alignment within oneself something healthy and worth holding on to when we only have one life to live?

Have you heard of Newton’s first law?       Newton’s first law  states how when motion is set, the object will continue to move at a constant speed until it strikes to another object.

What does this mean? How can we apply this law to our life? This law means that if you do not like what is happening, then simply do something else. Make a courageous decision to do something different to stop that motion from reoccuring.     As Albert Einstein once said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

If you feel there is no purpose in what you are doing, then do something else.

. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

For example, all though I appreciated my time at my previous work place, I was in a working environment where people would tell me, “Stop making mistakes” which did not help me at all because I made more mistakes. All though, it was a great learning experience, my boss  also began to tease me; he directly asked me why I was stupid and how did  I get in to a prestigious univeristy with my level of stupidity in front of the other coworkers, he gave suggestive jokes how slow I was, etc. These comments did not affect me because I know he was pushing me to be better. However,oneday one of my coworker made a derogatory comment which I still remember feeling “this may escalate” On that day, I also made a huge mistake. I decided to quit my job.  However, this was one of the greatest choices I have ever made in my life! Since, I quit my job, I am now working in my ideal working environment with the  ideal people and energy I want to be surrounded with. Everyday I am laughing. Everyday I feel great love from work.

Perhaps, feeling pain and unhappiness is a sign that it is time to change. Just choose to be bold and make the decision to do something different! You can do this!

Another example is with love. If you are with somebody whom you are truly not happy with, then most likely, you will continue to feel unsatisfied of the relationship. Do have the courage of not being with him or her. If you are continuously being verbally or physically abused, being cheated on or feel disrespected, do not make a choice of endurance. Life is beautiful. You are given only one life. You deserve to live.


Try to remember the Newton’s first law and what Einstein said.

If you can love yourself and your future self, then, stop. Breathe deeply and make time to ask yourself whether you would like to have change or pain. Which path would you choose?  


Thank you for reading my posts. I would like to read what are some of the pain or struggle you are going through or went through that you would like to change. Or comment anything 🙂  I will read and  reply to all of them. Also, if you like it, do share this to  your love ones 🙂 Meantime, have a beautiful day!











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