What can I do to have happy life?

imageWhat can I do to have happy life?
(5 morning rituals)

Sometimes I feel great fatigue from work. When I am pressured to do overwork and be in a routinized work environment, I feel lost. I feel a sense of detachment within myself.

Whenever I have this lurking feeling in me, I do the below steps to get me aligned within myself and be focused in the place where I want to be.

5 Morning Rituals for a happy life

Time:  Right after I wake up
1. I take deep breathe

(I will write how this is crucial in my later blog”)

2. I drink water

3. Visualize my goal
(I see, feel, and hear what I want in the future. Not only does this remind myself what I need and want to do, this helps me make better decisions in my everyday life. For instance, if I have a goal, I want to get that goal. So, I won’t be doing Facebook in my precious time)

4. Affirmation
(I look at myself in the mirror and talk to myself the values I want to have or maintain. If I don’t remind myself, I get taken away by the noises of the world.

Some of the affirmation I use is “All my action is goal oriented” “I am confident” I will write more about this in my later blog)

5. Self Questions
“What are you excited about today?”
“Why are you happy today?”
“What are you proud of?”
“Who are you?”
“What are you grateful?”
“What are you passionate about?”
“What are you committed to?”
“Who do you give love to?”
“Who are you loved by?”

(I ask these questions because researches show that my brain will look for answers of those questions. If my questions are positive, I will automatically search for positive answers. In other words, my thoughts will be positive.)

This 15-20 min morning ritual empowers me. It will empower you too.

Leave a comment below for your morning rituals! Or what are your guidelines for your happiness? Or comment what you thought of my rituals 🙂

Let’s exchange thoughts and you can empower / inspire too  🙂

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