Travelling in El Nido with solitude Part1

el nido .jpg
El Nido 2016

Are you seeking for a wholesome experience?


If you are, perhaps El Nido is one of your next destination.

There is part 1 & 2.

Part 1 would be about what I felt.If you feel what I say, maybe have El Nido in your mind to your bucket list.

Part 2 would be about the costs and the places I went which would be helpful to plan your trip.


I flew to El Nido and was welcomed with serenity with a splash of joyful color.


  • In El Nido, I was able to become more aware of the definition of “living in the present”   Before, I thought I knew it was. But, in El Nido, I truly lived in the present. I did not dwell in the past nor future because I was alive in each passing moment.I lived in the present which I knew was empowering my future and well-being. Is this not a beautiful discovery?


  • In my dear El Nido, I felt wholesome. When I was swimming in the ocean, I felt unified with nature. It was very natural.Although, I cannot swim, I was able to swim because I felt wholesome. Fear, disappointment, and past belief did not swim through my conscious mind for I was surrounded with undefiled love with nature and beautiful people around me.


  • At last, in the end of the trip, I came across a monk who believes in Tzu Chi Buddhism.He shared me that “To love is to give” When I heard this, I thought it was  beautifully well said. If one do not love oneself, you cannot give or love others. Thus, one needs to love oneself before giving to others. In other words, self love is fundamental in prior to creating values to the world.

Whoever is reading the words of my mind somewhere in the world, I hope you find what you are seeking for.  If El Nido is in your mind, then buy a ticket and explore. Expand yourself because you deserve it 🙂


If you are interested in my trip, please look forward to my “Travelling in El Nido with solitude Part 2”

If you have any questions or request, do leave comments! I will answer them 🙂

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