Union in Jordan Part1/3

To those who seek for escape, surrealism and the sense of wholesome,

Just 5 months ago, my desire to feel connected with the Mother Earth fired inside me.
After seeing “Point Break“(Please check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IEcl6Qscx0E),
I wanted to explore the horizon of the beautiful planet I breathe in.
I wanted to feel alive.
I wanted to discover the unknown.
The intensity of wanting to say, “I lived my life” in my last breathe heightened as I contemplate about life during working. Although, I understand the feeling of vitality doesn’t come from the outside, I do know that being in and feeling the beautiful timeless serenity makes me happy and alive. Thus, I have decided to go to Jordan after many random incidents that lead me to this choice.
— 5 Suprises in Jordan Part 1 / 3
1. Airport is beautiful
  • You can enjoy the airport. The architecture is sublime. Nature completed the architecture. You can see the clouds slowly dancing in the other side of the huge window walls  in the waiting area. I would have loved to stay here in the airport. Why I do not mind living here in this gaudi touch airport
~I wonder why this airport is not known. It is truly beautiful~
~Near the entrance of the airport~
2. Airport to Petra
  • Taxi to Petra is 62 Jordanian. The price seemed like the standard. It seemed like there was one taxi company waiting at the airport. – The ride was 2 hours. The driver was nice and got us drinks in the convenience store. Although, it’s 2 hours, if you go with your best friend, it seems like a short time
  • We arrived at night time, but it seemed SAFE. Not dangerous at all. It was raining and just peaceful
  • The taxi driver did not speak English, but it was not a problem : )
  • I stayed at the hotel Marriott. Beautiful view of the mountain. They also offered a private driver who took to the Dead Sea the next day. I also requested I wanted to go to “wadirum desert” they have also arranged the tour. They were very flexible. The whole price for the tour was not expensive


~ The breakfast view with the moon peaking in the left corner ~


~ Breakfast is included and the stay was not expensive. Less than 100$

<http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/mpqmc-petra-marriott-hotel/&gt; The hotel view is beautiful. Located very close (15min?) to Petra. Breakfast has many variety. However, contacting them from Japan before the trip was very difficult because they do not have e-mails>



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  1. Jordan sounds amazing, very detailed experience ☺


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