The Lost City of Jordan Part2/3


  • Make time to think what makes you happy. Then, choose to enhance that experience so you would be happy in the present and in your future


  • Make time to think what makes you sad, mad, and irritated. Then, love yourself enough to avoid any situation that may trigger that emotion. You are born in this life. You deserve to feel in peace. Only you have the power to choose what you want to feel


  • Make time to think what are the values you respect and what you do not tolerate. Then, do what you value and stick with it; align your belief with your action in life. You will feel in control and empowering. Strangely, you will attract everything that shares your value.


For me, I value discovery, timeless, serenity and beauty. That was surprisingly my time in Jordan. If you have not read my Part1, do read. It shows how you can go to Petra. Do read my upcoming Part3, for my time in the Dead Sea.


  1. To get in to Petra costs 50 JD

Petra~Go to this site for the entrance fee:



  1. Once you buy the tickets, there will be people offering services or goods. Be attentive. If you like to feel free and grounded, explore Petra by riding on a horse.


~Short route cost 20 JD. Longer route to the mountain cost 50JD. It’s worth it~



~ John was our tour guide. He was amazing. He took many photos of us as he showed us secret places~


~It was very rocky place. Sometimes the horses got scared, so we had to walk on mother Nature where my friend found many  beautiful rocks ~




IMG_4900 (1)

~We stopped our horses in middle of the lost city of Petra to explore more of the divine~


~My beautiful friend with her adventures~

IMG_4657 ~Only to find this view… the top view of the treasure trove~



  • I would like show great appreciation to our tour guide, John. He showed us around and took many photos. If you have Petra as your bucket list, do contact me and I will give you John’s contact so he can show you the wonder of the world




~After the long route, they will leave you here in the mountain. LITERALLY. We were surprised because it was on the top of the mountain. There was a donkey waiting for us for 50 JD to reach to the heart of Petra. However, we chose to walk. This was an amusing experience because there was literally no road to go down the mountain. Thus, of course we were lost in the “red-rose city” where we met a family who actually lived in Petra


~Because we were lost, we found this amazing view~



~Being Lost~


3. Donkey ride to the top is 30 JD return. It is worth it. You go up the stone made stairs while the donkey caretaker says, “aruwan” which mean “faster” We went up the relatively small path to find this view:


~Surreal. It was my first time when I felt I lived in planet Earth~


~Can you feel the silence of this intensity?~



Camel .jpg

~Going back. You can also ride on the camels ~


  • You will need at least 6 hours for your time in  Lost City of Petra. I searched about this beforehand and I thought I would able to finish in 4 hours, but believe me. You will need  at least 6 hours no matter how punctual you can be
  • My recommendation is ;
    1. Ride the horses to the mountain (50JD) <MUST MUST MUST>
    2. Walk until there is a donkey ride available to the top <High chance of getting lost>
    3. Donkey ride (30JD)
    4. Horse ride (20JD) or walk



  • If you now feel like travelling, do share or like


  • If you want to see my photos and read about my experience in Dead Sea, wait for my Part 3 or check out my Part 1


  • If you have any question, do not be hesitant to ask. I am all here! I wish ALL the best for you to have the life you always want!




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