The Valley of the Moon (Wadi Rum Desert) Part 2.8 / 3

Words cannot illustrate Wadi Rum Desert

It is the epitome of freedom.


It was timeless.

It was serene.

It was free. We stood on the back of the truck as our hair swam in the breeze of the “Valley of the Moon”


~ There were writings on the stone that were at least 12, 000 years old~



~There was a village inside Wadi Rum Desert. Beautiful organic scent / fragrance was sold for 5 JD. Unfortunately, I did not bring enough cash. So, I was only able to buy one~



~It was 2 hours drive from Petra~


  • Wadi Rum Desert was in the tour that was provided by Marriott Hotel in Petra which we randomly ordered when we arrived at the hotel


  • Wadi Rum Desert is the location where they had taken “The Martians” starring Matt Damon




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