“I live and breathe my art” – Lady Gaga

When people say, ‘How do you do it(hustle)?’

It’s like, you have to do it. It’s a survival for yourself. Like I wouldn’t be able to breathe, if I could not make art.

 lady gaga1

  • This is just less than 8 min. video of Lady Gaga’s interview
  • Click here and be inspired while you are going to work, brushing your teeth, or going to sleep; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXPj99ULyBo
  • If you are busy, then here are 3 inspiring words from Lady Gaga that I would to share with you with my insights.


Every little moment counts. You can never think that something is not important

Live your life as if you would die, as if you are forbidden to make music


My thoughts:

Before, I feared to live. I knew if I try and make every moment counts, I will face rejection, disappointment, and humiliation. I did not want to feel. So, I chose not to feel. I decided to live as it is to protect myself from feeling pain. However, in retrospect, this is the time I was hurting myself the most. This was the time when I did not nourish myself because I did not accept my vulnerability and be kind to myself. I was slowly murdering my own being.

So, be kind to yourself. Accept yourself. Learn to love yourself. Find your passion. Choose to do what you love. Have the courage to live.  




Like I wake up everybody in House of Gaga and say, “How will we be brilliant today”


My thoughts:

Having intension is crucial if you want to enhance your quality of life. Live by intension. When you wake up, make a habit of asking your self, “How will we be brilliant today?” “How will I make today exciting and productive?” If you do so, you will feel more in control of yourself. Just start practicing it. You have nothing to lose.  




If you are not happy, look into the mirror and ask, “Is this your destiny? Am I really supposed to be doing this? …  (If you are not in the place, you want to be) you are going to think how you will have your songs played in the radio You are going to look in the corner of your eye, the iris of your eye, and there is going to be an answer and it’s going to happen”


My thoughts:

Be honest with yourself. Do not be afraid. If you ever feel something is not right in your life, respect your thought. Do not hide your inner voice. Do not repress your feeling.

Love yourself enough to respect your emotion

Make a descision to be brave to face your demons

Arrange an appointment within yourself to confront yourself. In the end of the day, you only have yourself. You are the only truth in the world. So, don’t run away. Don’t make execuses. Sooner or later, you will have to face yourself. Confront now.



  • Leave a comment. If you are going to make an arrangement with yourself, do tell me!
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  • Meantime, have a beautiful day!






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