“I am the proof that you can ask the universe for it” – Jim Carrey

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  • The below link is an inspiring interview with Jim Carrey in 1997. This 3:49 short interview is one  of my favorite interviews of all time because it makes you believe in yourself and the world  <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPU5bjzLZX0&gt;
  • If you are busy to have 4 minutes out of your 1440 minutes of your day, here are 2 empowering ideas with my insights that I would like to share with you today:




“(When I was broke) I would visualize directors be interested in me and the people that I respect say ‘I like your work’ … and I would visualize things coming to me that I wanted”


My thoughts:

The study of NLP, (Neuro-linguistic Programming) stresses the importance of visualization. It is said that if you visualize and believe what you want , it is achievable.

Here is the beauty that I have learned in psychology:

If you use all your sensation; see, hear, smell, touch, taste, to imagine what you want, the world listens to you. You will relive what you had imagined in reality.

As Jim Carrey said in one of his speeches in 2014,

“I’m saying. I am the proof that you can ask the universe for it”

Some may feel this is absurd. However,

What do you have to lose?

Is there any disadvantage of believing this?

Instead of doubting, why don’t you try ? You have nothing to lose. You will just have higher possibility of manifesting your dream into reality.








“(When I was broke) I wrote myself a check for ten million dollars… I gave myself 3 years. I dated ‘Thanksgiving 1995’ and I put it into my wallet. (3 years later, just before the due date of Thanksgiving of 1995)  I found out that I am going to make ten million dollars on Dumb and Dumber

Can you reread what he said. His empowering words are the beacon of light.


My insight:

When you visualize, EMOTION is the most important thing 

Your brain cannot differentiate between imagination and reality. Therefore, start living the reality you want to have by FEELING it. Then, your action will subconsciously start moving toward that way.


It is better to set up a specific date.

Some people may be reluctant to do this because by having a specific goal, you may have to face failure. If you were not able to achieve it in your due date, it is okay. You don’t need to be disappointed. There is no reason to blame yourself. You do not need to be harsh. There is nothing fruitful about being negative. It is okay. Just accept and set up another date! How simple!

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The more specific you are with your visualization, the more the universe answers you.


For instance, I graduated on Sep 2014. I thought I wanted a job from Apr 2015. I did not know how, but I knew I was going to get it. I had no worries. This is  because I feel it is futile to be worried about things that have not happened yet. I do not gain anything from having fear. If something are meant to happen, it will happen. So, why choose to choke yourself with something that is not real?

So, I went to Portugal without any job to study Portuguese because I love the language. My relatives thought I was insane, but after two weeks from coming back to Japan, I found myself a job.

The key is you need to be specific of what you want. When you get what you want, you discover yourself. You find your new value or perspective in life.You celebrate  this new findings by visualizing again what you want to manifest.

Sooner or later,  your reality will start to become more authentic and more aligned with who you really are.


  • Leave a comment.  Tell me your experience about visualization. Share me your dreams
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  1. first paragraph of your 2nd insight was a home run for me. I use to be scared to plan a specific date because I was afraid of failure. You’re right, nothing good comes from being negative. I really liked this, really inspiring!


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