Escape from Tokyo City Life – Nagatoro -Part 1 /2

To anybody who lives in Tokyo that needs that quick escape:

If you are keen of going, do scroll down where I wrote some insights;








We swam inside this beautiful river. Tranquil




Can you believe this is close to Tokyo?





Me and my wet suit #sexy



The world is big



This fantasy is just 10 minutes away from the Nagatoro Station





Iwadatami, just 10 min away from the station








Fresh fish… Dead just for me



Bought couple of apples


About the place I visited: Nagatoro

  • It is only 2 hours 15 min train ride away from Shibuya (around 1560 yen one way)
  • Going here is easy. You only change once or twice depending on your route
  • Perfect place for one day trip (There are many activities you could do here)




Rafting Tour <> 

  1. Have English speakers. There were three people from Nepal who were guiding us. When forming a group within the rafting tour, make sure to be with the guy with dreads if you are looking for fun. He seemed like he will try to make your experience thrilling. He would make the boat move more aggressive or splash you with water. The other guides were more conventional
  2. Provides you with wet suit and wet jacket. They do have big size (e.g. somebody for 193 cm) They also provide you water shoes for 300 yen
  3. Does not have shower rooms and do not provide you with towel. However, since, the water is clean, you do not feel the need to take shower. You are able to get your self dried very fast
  4. The whole experience was about 1 hour 30 min. The river was calm, but some part had some bumpy rides. We were also able to go inside the water
  5. The guide suggested to go rafting right after the rain if you want more adrenaline



Nagatoro Station

  • The small town is right next to the station. Do spend there in the early afternoon. If you go around 16:30, many shops would be closed 😦 It took time to find a restaurant that was open in late afternoon
  • The food was amazing. Many souvenir shops
  • More places to go. Check out their official tourism site: (

The one big road to 3 is where the town is. 3 is called Iwadatami. It is extremely close to the station. I do not advice you to wear heels here because Iwadatami has many rocks that you walk over




  • If you want to visit here, do like and share among your friends! Then, go! Mendokusai is not an excuse! It’s so close. You have to go 🙂
  • If you have any questions, do comment. I will answer you as much as I can
  • Do read my upcoming part 2





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