Empowering words from Oprah Winfrey Part 1


  • I highly recommend you to watch all  1:04:03 long of interview. But, if you feel you cannot make time to watch, do read the below 3 quotes that had a great influence in me in her first 30 min of her interview with my insights




Knowing what you don’t want to do is the best possible place to be if you don’t know what to do because knowing what you don’t want to do leads you to do what it is you want to do”

(Around 8:11 of the video)


My thoughts:

My quality of life changed few years ago after coming across her empowering words. Before, I remember feeling great frustration in myself not knowing what I wanted to become. It seemed like the whole world wanted to know what I will be doing;

For entering university, I felt I was pressured in defining my future, so  I could write successful applications.

For job interviews, I had to show how I can contribute to the company while also aligning it with what I want to do in the future.

When I meet new people and I could not answer what I wanted to do in life, I felt people were looking down on me. I remember feeling ashamed in not knowing about my future because I look like I am not thinking about my life even if I was.

When I compared my lost self with my other friends who were already pursuing their dreams, I felt I was such a failure. I felt left out. I felt I am running out of time and being a loser every single second.


However, after being exposed to her words, I was able to believe in myself. I was able to feel more wholesome. There was no need for me to feel humiliated or incomplete because I was able to accept myself with full conviction that I am on the right path.






“The truth is I have, from the very beginning, listened to my instinct.

All of my best decisions in life have come because I was attuned to what really felt like the next right move for me”

(Around  9:41)


My thoughts:

I have been listening to interviews from successful people. There is one value that they all have in common. They all emphasized on the importance of being authentic. By doing what they love and believe in, they were all able to bring success financially and spiritually.

If you are reading this, please ask yourself this:


“Do you think you can have a life that you want if you are not currently doing what you want to do and believe in ?”


Do what your heart sings until you find out the meaning of it all.






“We are going to change… Let’s think about what we want to say to the world. How do we want to see the world change? How do we want to impact the world and let our all of our show be focused and be centered around that? …

What is your intention in doing it?

…I live by the third law of motion of physics .

For every action there is equal opposite reaction

I know that what I am thinking therefore act upon will come back to me in a circular motion.

What also propels the action is the intention.

I don’t do anything without being fully clear about why I intend to do.

Intention is going to determine the reaction, the result or the consequence

(around 24:00)


My thoughts:

I wrote in my earlier blogs about having intentions.

  • Always start your day with the intention


  • Start your month with the intension


  • Start your year with intention


  • Before you go to a party, think of your clear intention


  • Before you go to work  or have a meeting, make time to create your intention.


Strangely, if you are focused with it, your intention becomes real.


For instance, I was surprised. When I was uploading my photos on facebook, I set up an intention that my photos will inspire people to go to places and explore the world. Strangely, my friend told me in person, “Your photo inspired me to go to places and explore the world” She said the exact words from my intention! My intention literally and accurately became real!

Therefore, choose to live life with intentions.


If you are empowered, like and share to inspire your friends!

Which quote did you like the best? Or which words from Oprah did you like the best from her video? Comment what you feel! I will love to read your thoughts!

Meantime have a beautiful day!





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