Arnold Schwarzenegger “Success will come”

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Here are 5 quotes with my insights from him that I would like to share you for this week. I hope you can apply his words to your life and feel stronger!





 “Trust yourself no matter what else people think. …

who do YOU want to be ….

I am talking about figuring out by yourself,

‘what makes you happy no matter how crazy it may sound to people’”

Around 9:00 <;


My thoughts:

Everyday ask yourself, “What makes you happy” You should pursue that. You only live once. In the end of the day, we will all die.

Everybody dies.

You will die. She will die. I will die.

What matters is if YOU truly lived like yourself. Don’t you think so?

Love yourself enough to care. Do what you love. Find sustainable ways for you to do what you love throughout your lifetime. That already is creating beautiful value to the world and perhaps full-filling your purpose in life.






“I wanted to be different.

I was determined to be unique.

I was driven to think big, and dream big”

Around 11:48;




“The only way I got anything is to breaking some of the rule…

(When they said, “I cant do it)

I realized that it was their rule, not my rules.

I was convinced that I could do it. ”

Around 14:00<;


My thought.

Please look at this video from 3:00 It is definitely worth the watch.

Arnold wanted to compete to junior mister Europe Championship. However, his condition seemed dim. It seemed impossible for him to participate because he was not even allowed to leave the country to join the competition. If he joined, it meant solitary confinement. If he pursued his dream, it meant sever punishment.

However, he clearly saw his vision. He believed his vision.

                          He purused and  his dream manifested.  

My short explanation cannot illustrate how inspiring this is.

Don’t let your current status or condition determine your dream.

Break the rules because those are not your rules.

Those are their rules.

Remember that! I will remember that!

I highly recommend you to watch the video from 3:00  < >






“Now, think about it.

The things that the agent said

that it would be detriment and impossible for me to get a job suddenly became an asset”

Around 16:45<>


My thought:

Accept your flaws because those are not flaws. It may look like that in a smaller scope. But, in bigger scope, your biggest downfall may become your biggest strength as Arnold said. Don’t hurt yourself by stressing out your flaws. Does that benefit you in any way? Ask yourself. If you find no merits, then stop sabotaging yourself.

Accept your flaws and wait until the world sees the beauty in your weakness.





“Don’t be afraid to fail…

It’s okay (to fail) …

you can’t always win, but don’t be afraid in making decisions.

You cannot be paralyzed in the fear of failure.

Or you will never push yourself.

You keep pushing because you believe in yourself and in your vision. You know it is the right thing to do.

Success will come. So, don’t be afraid to fail ”

Around 17:45 <>


My thoughts.

I used to fear failures. It got into a point where I could not even go out from my bed because I would think every move I make will become a mistake. I wanted to be perfect and cause no trouble by not trying.  Now, I am slowly making decisions without fear. It feels amazing because paradoxically, I feel control of my life. Thus,

Be active and feel powerful.

Believe that success with come because it will. Think big.

You have no time in living in fear. Accept your emotion of feeling fear. Never punish yourself for being weak because you are not. You are just in a stage of transforming yourself to become better by recognizing your tendency in having fear dominate your life. Believe you are strong. Choose everyday to live without fear. Start expanding yourself. Show your infinity.


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Tell me what you like about his clips! I would love to hear your insight!

Meantime have a beautiful day!!

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