be you

After my trip to Tanzania, which I, of course, have to write about, I had been pursuing my passion in photography.

It is something eternal. I am capturing eternal beauty; confidence.

In Japanese, the character for confidence is 自信. The literal translation is “to believe in oneself” Is it not beautiful? The ingredient for confidence is told in just two letters.


How can you believe in yourself?

1st. Personally speaking, I think you need self esteem. If you don’t love yourself in some extent, you won’t able to feel confident. Use kind words when you are having your inner dialogue. You deserve to treat yourself with care.

2nd. “fake it until you make it” Even Rihanna didn’t think she is sexy. She had to fake it until she made it. Therefore, define the traits of what you want to believe in. Then, act as if you have that trait. Enjoy seeing your self-change 🙂

3rd. Find a role model. Feel his or her energy. Be in that energy.


The girl I took a photo of is beautiful because it translate her inner beauty.

You can feel just looking at the photos that she is comfortable in being herself.

I hope her energy can be translated into you 🙂










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