Michelle Obama – Life Purpose

Recently, I haven’t been touched to interviews in which I felt the need to share. However, the interview with Oprah and Michelle Obama, was truly inspiring. Click the below link to be empowered for today!

To those who are busy and does not have time to watch the interview,

here are  4 quotes that touched my heart:



…the joy when somebody else’s feel something” – Oprah  (around 17:20)

To see the joy, to see the tears, you know you change their life forever. 

That was purposeful. That was necessary.” – Michelle Obama (around 17:20)

My thought:

This is something I exactly I want to do.

I believe true happiness with a sense of purpose comes when people positively influence others by living with passion.

I believe this is what we are meant to breathe for. All matters are created with purpose. I believe this is ‘our’ reason.



I have a very good sense of who I am – Michelle Obama (around 19:54)

My thought:

I want to contribute to mentally healthy society that embraces high self-esteem.I want to hear and see everybody confidently speaking from the space of self-love.



“Absolutely. I feel hopeful. 

History moves in cycle.

What lasts is the impact what we have done has done to peoples’ mind and heart

-Obama (around 32:50)

My thought:

In the end of the day, this is what I want to do. I believe I and anybody can do every single day by just simply living like yourself. In the short life we live, I want to be eternal. How I can be eternal is not existing physically, but by being in people’s heart.



“What we say, how we behave, we are modeling to the next generation…

if we want maturity, we have to be mature. …

we have to model, what we want.

– Michelle Obama (from around 10:24)

My thought:

Have the courage to be you

Do what you love as you enjoy the journey of your self-discovery

Find out what you “feel” in the world you live  

Then, as Gandhi had once said,

“Be the change you want to see in the world” 

If you are empowered, like and share to inspire your friends! Tell me what you like about the clip and the interview! Or share me who you want to be the change! I would love to hear your insight and thought.

Meantime have a beautiful day!!

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