When you feel life is meaningless



Just last week, I was feeling like I wanted to die because I sensed no purpose.

Photo I took in 2016 

I felt everything was meaningless. Everything felt pointless when everything is determined to die.

If things were predetermined, I did not understand why I had to take effort to live the whole process of of living.

If there exits a parallel universe, I did not understand why I had to take effort living in this dimension when there are other me feeling and experiencing life.

I just wanted to live in the different dimension where everything is just sea of energy and not in this dimension when everything is definite and limited.

If I was able to live in that dimension, I can just be omnipresent and I can feel I am everything without living.

As I shared this to my friend he shared to me,


Although, I don’t believe in god, it made me feel safe because in his mind there is a clear positive guideline; if one does their best in every action one takes, one is happy.

This belief alone has a purpose and faith that promises positive results. If I have a choice in what kind of ideas I want to be in while both two notions are true, this mindset is far more better than my thoughts which was nothing, but self-destructive and stale.

In the below link, it says,

(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ez1rWBPznEc … about 6min.)


“We have to recognize the absurd meaningless background of our existence and accept it Once we do, it frees us to find our subjective meanings and purpose” (around 2:20)


“Friends, family and doing what we enjoy are far more important than any unsolvable questions about existence”  (around 1:42)

Before, I thought acceptance of such  is just running away from the very truth that we are stuck in this dimension, life and body. But, such acceptance opens door to purpose….


Photo I took in 2016 when the model and I lived in now 

After hearing this, I stumbled upon this link.

(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vYCWbZIM4M around 3min)

What do you think the meaning of life is? 

To live in the mystery, to find purpose and to live in the now

What is the most adventurous memory? 

This! I remember this! This is an adventure. This is the memory.  

What is the advice you have for the younger generation? 

Live in the moment. 

Don’t get old 

Don’t judge people because you cannot be free if you judge people 

Love now. Create. Inspire 

How do you define free? 

By doing what you love

Any other advice to the younger generation? 

You are already what is in your heart.

You cannot get away from your heart because life is a paradox 

Life is a mirror of confusion. So, love now. 


Since, I will be quitting my job with no plan, honestly speaking, I admit I am stressed.

As the universal law states that you become what you think about, although, I don’t know what I want,

I will believe in what I want,

I will embrace my vulnerability

as I enjoy living in present with love with friends with good vibes and intentions

as I live in fluidity  

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