How to create your own bucket list !

“What you think you create,

what you feel you attract,

what you imagine you become”


Since, we are going to be living anyway, then why not live like the way we want to?

The first step you can do is to create your own bucket list.


Benefit for creating your own bucket list

  • Good opportunity to think about your life (hey, your life is precious!!)
  • Gives you happiness because having goals, dreams and something to work towards gives life purpose



Advice in creating your own bucket list 

  • Your bucket list can be simple. It does not have to be all amazing like “flying my own private jet”. It can just be “buying flowers for myself” Anything that you know would make you feel good should be on your bucket list
  • You don’t need to be scared making your bucket list!


You deserve to free yourself from your ego and fear.

If you are scared, at least free yourself when creating your own bucket list.

You don’t need to feel shame or feel embarrassed because your bucket list seems to much like a dream. You don’t need to fear disappointment in assuming that you would not able to realize your own bucket list.

People change. Our values and ideas change. Circumstances change. Therefore, with time, your bucket lists will definitely change too. Hence, why fear something that is inherently volatile?



How to create your bucket list? 

Sometimes when you don’t know yourself, it is hard to write your own bucket list.

This is okay. Do not shame yourself. You are already amazing wanting to write a bucket list 🙂 because this means you already can!



To those who may have difficulty, here is some advice 

  • Read and hear other people’s bucket list for inspiration
  • Ask yourself the below questions. Please try not to answer “ I don’t know”

Questions you can ask yourself:

Dream Big 

  • What would I do if I really believed in myself and knew I couldn’t fail?
  • Visualize my typical day in your new future.
    • what is my ideal surrounding? (people, environment etc.) ?
    • what is my ideal week?
    • what is my ideal habit?
    • what is my ideal self? how and who do I want to become?
  • If I had unlimited resources, what will I be doing?
  • If I dream big in terms of my potential instead of my current capabilities, what will I be doing?
  • If there is no ego ruling me, what will I be experiencing in the following 6 areas
    • work
    • money
    • living environment
    • personal growth
    • community
    • family

No Regret 

  • Imagine I am at the end of my life and I am looking back at my life.
    • what things did I wish I did?
    • what kind of experience do I want to feel proud of? *
    • what kind of experience would I be happy about? *

*This experience does not have to happen now.

  • Let’s imagine that my current life/ career/ way of life will basically stay the same until the day I retire. What kind of experience would I like to change? Hows would I like to live?

Live with passion 

  • What makes my heart sing?
  • When do I feel most energetic? What kind of things should I do to experience that same level of energy? What kind of environment should I be in to experience that same level of energy?
  • What do I fear?
  • If I conquer that fear and if I live fearless, how does my life look like? What will I be experiencing?

Live authentic 

  • What is my core value? What can I do to live up to my values?
  • When I make decisions, what core value do I base my decisions with?
  • What belief or principle do I live up by? Is that belief serving me well or hindering me? If it is not serving me well, what kind of belief do I need to live by?
  • What kind of ideas / traits are missing now? what can I do to experience that?
  • What kind of things am I currently tolerating right now? What would be the ideal way to respond?


  • What legacy would I want to leave behind?
  • When I die, how would I want the other people to remember me as? what can I continue to do or do to have that?



My wish to you 

Sharing your bucket list to your love ones are always good for the following 2 reasons

  1. You will able to feel more on what you want to to do in the future. Thus, you will attract more.  As Tony Robbins says, “Where focus goes, energy goes”
  2. You will not only inspire others, you will also inspire yourself! You might want to add more to the list!


Therefore, in my next blog, I will share you my bucket list as of 2017 Sep.

I hope you also go to a cafe and make time creating your own bucket list!

Sending great love from Tokyo!

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