My bucket list as of 2017 Sep


Although, my bucket list will definitely change over time because people change and their ideas / values change, I would like to share my bucket list as of 2017 Oct.

I am hoping people who are reading this will also write their own bucket list or share their bucket list to their love ones and inspire others as doing so. This is because the more you share, envision and believe in your bucket list with emotion, the more you will attract what you want into your life. Hence, hopefully we can all create a safe and empowering environment where one is encouraged as one shares each other dreams.


To those who are stuck in writing your bucket list, 

To those who don’t know what to write in your bucket list, it is definitely okay. If you want some tips, please read my previous blog.  (How to create your own bucket list !)


To those who are scared in sharing your dreams to others

To those who cares of what others may think, why care and fear? We will all die anyway. Then, why not live like the way you want to when you are alive? Why not free yourself from fear? Don’t you think it is extremely energy draining to live with fear? Even if fear consumes so much energy, there is nothing fruitful from living in such ways.

Also, perhaps, you care about what others may think because you want to be accepted by people. However, unless you accept yourself, you will NEVER feel accepted by others anyway. So, there is no reason for you to “not be you” for other people because you will never be accepted by others anyway because you don’t accept yourself. Hence, just accept, forgive and love yourself. Be you 🙂


To those who were judged while courageously sharing your bucket list,

To those who were judged when sharing your aspiration, “fuck them” / (smile and leave) haha They are not somebody you want to be with anyway. They need to find their inner peace because people who have inner peace will never able to judge others. So, it is okay.

In the end of the day, this is your life. Live your life 🙂 Love your life!

You can start living the way you want by creating your own bucket list.



My Bucket List as of Sep 2017

Big picture 

  • online business where I can travel or go to places I want to while I have continuous income that would let me be free and do whatever I want to do when I want to
the green represents the jungle, the blue represents the ocean and the yellow represents the desert
  • sharing “This is my business and this is what I am doing now” and feeling happy because work does not feel like work while having inner balance
  • related to mindfulness – business
    • have “self reflection” classes at school which will help people live authentically and consciously
    • youtube channels in English and Japanese making contents that can help them be happy and feel okay to be themselves
  • open a retreat at a desert
I would like everybody to be wearing white ❤





  • to feel relaxed, but productive (feel balanced)
  • to feel connected without being dependent on something


  • to feel fluid
  • to feel timeless
  • to feel excited to tackle things I need to do which necessarily may be things I am not too keen in doing


Idea surrounding 

  • loving environment free from judgement or ego
  • good vibe / good energy
  • people who are successful in doing what they love
  • people who are also soul searching and choose to feel happy
  • high ceiling
  • live in a place with good sound system
  • peaceful place
  • nature, but also city
  • meet beautiful mind and open my heart
  • have chill house party
  • friends from abroad are visiting me
  • have flowers in my house
  • be in people’s turning point
  • be in the time when people are talking excitingly about their future


Habits  / life style 

  • creating something
  • read
  • run (at least 3 times a week)
  • yoga
  • meditation
  • sleep and wake up early
  • give gratitude
  • be kind to my family
  • contact my grandparents and cousin
  • vegetarian (meat when special occasions)
  • minimalist (be able to hang my clothes on hangers)
  • save the address of the people who send me letters
  • input more knowledge as I output effectively
  • to listen to music on the bed with friends
  • to kiss and be kissed from my friends
  • to take photos
  • to sleep under the sunlight
  • toned arm
  • toned stomach
  • simple style
  • healthy and radiant skin
  • Speaking conversational level of other language


Future family 

  • Go to Madagascar when my child turns 3rd grade
Avenue of baobas tree
  • Hugging and smiling relationship
  • Kids are seeing hubby and I smile and kiss
  • Plant a tree
  • Flower is always in the house


Future house 

  • high ceiling house
  • terrace
  • have a peaceful room


Things I want to do 

  • Be told “you made me want to live more” “it helped me…”
  • randomly buy a ticket and go
  • “You should go here” and I reply “Okay I go” and I buy a ticket at that time
  • Go to places where people suggest and send them a postcard like “thank you for telling me. I went!”
  • Take more body photographs
  • go meet my future clients abroad and give / receive love from all around the world
  • go meet my future clients abroad and have my children also experience love from all around the world
  • travel and take photos
  • stay at hotel where I want to
  • live in Europe for short period
  • go volunteer in south america



Travel – Activities in specific countries 

  • Helicopter ride to the top of Mount Roraima then hike down


  • Hot air balloon at Cappadocia, Turkey


  • Hot air balloon ride at Bagan, Myanmar
  • Road trip in Southern Spain
  • Enjoy sunrise / sunset in Santorini, Greece
  • Road trip in Iceland
  • Yoga retreat in Morocco


Travel – Activities 

  • Paraglide more (Did in Manali, India / New Zanzibar, Tanzania)
  • Horseback riding at a ocean
  • Horse ride in Mongolia
horseback riding in Mongolia
  • Swim with whales or dolphins
  • Ride a gondola in Venice, Italy
Of course I want to be wearing a dress
  • Ride a motorcycle more (Did in El Nido, Philipines)
  • Go zip lining more (Did in El Nido, Philipines)
zip lining Ras Al Khaimah 2
The longest zip line at Ras Al Khaimah
  • be inside a waterfall
  • see a view from the top of the waterfall
  • Sky dive
  • Hitchhike with a friend from genuinely nice person (It was so fun doing it from Shibuya to Roppongi haha )
  • Take a photo at Atacama Desert



Places to visit 

  • Visit Oman with Yuri
  • Visit Puerto Vallarta with Yuri / to see Yuri
  • Visit Iran
  • Visit Tunesia
  • Visit countries in Europe
  • Visit Zhangjiajie National Forest Park
Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is a place that inspired the place for Avatar
  • Visit somewhere with Yalat-chen


Travel stay 

  • Spend a night at a tree house
  • Spend nights in desert in Jordan


Photo from my trip in Jordan … how beautiful is this. Need to stay at the desert in Jordan
  • Spend a night in a castle
  • Spend a night at a beach with moonlight


People change, so I don’t know how much of the things I will end up doing.

But, let’s see how it goes 🙂

Now, it is your time to make a bucket list!

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