Empowering Session: Resourceful State

Loving energy from the flowers nearby where we were

Today we opened an empowering space outside of Roppongi Hills Starbucks.

At first, I began by sharing her numerology for it helps to mainly understand one’s strength, weakness, gifts and life lessons which she concluded, “it was right on”

I personally think numerology is an amazing tool to reassure what you know about yourself or simply knowing about yourself. I had my numerology taken last year. This helped me be more confident because I was able to acknowledge my own strength. Also, I knew I was struggling in overcoming fear. But, by being aware that surmounting fear is one of my life lessons, I was finally able to make a decision to truly overcome this.

Then we began our session by crystallizing her goal. Since, our brain cannot differentiate between reality and imagination, it is crucial to experience what you want so all your subconscious choices will lead toward that way.

Her goal was to win in a competition. As we proceeded our session, her doubt in herself for not being enough hindered her to be ambitious and believe what may be possible. Thus, after exploring what her negative thought process is, we created what she can act / create for a more resourceful state.

After the session, I drew one of her resourceful states that she can do after she begins to have negative inner dialogue like “I am not enough”

The space is, of course, not finished. There are more mental exercises we can explore for self-development. Asking for guidance definitely support in self-transformation because  not only does it help you to organize your thoughts, you can have new insights through answering questions that is intentioned for self-exploration. Making time to self reflect through guidance will definitely support in self-transformation. It is okay to ask for support. There is nothing embarrassing about it because there is nothing lacking about you or wrong with you. Asking for support does not mean you are weak. It shows courage because when you ask it also means you are not denying, but accepting your whole self. It is a very brave and beautiful act 🙂

I cannot wait for our next space next week

Sending great love and blessings from Tokyo

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