Full Moon Ritual – Releasing



Full Moon Ritual – Letting Go

We can harness the beautiful energy of the full moon to let go and release what doesn’t serve you. Especially, during last month, there was the full moon in Libra meaning it was great space and time to release something that is related to relationship.

In the full moon ritual, we created a sacred space to release something that is very intimate within us. I usually create a sacred space by calling out the 4 direction of the spirits and with the beautiful support from crystals, energies and love.

sacred space with love, stones and elements 

In our last space, a woman came to initially wanting to release her inferiority she feels toward her husband. However, as we explored, we ended up releasing something different from what she initially thought.

After exploring, she realized she wanted to release her childhood issue that became the soil of her current situation. Her current situation was that she made a habit of not thinking, not feeling, not desiring and not making an effort. 

As we delved deeper, we unfolded why she created this habit of not feeling which was rooted with beliefs and programs that she learned as she was growing up.

She realized her following beliefs were limiting;

  1. If she always de-sensualize herself, everything will be in harmony
  2. If she did not always think, she can escape from her self conflicts / conflicts from her outer world
  3. By not saying what she truly wants create a harmonious space which was appreciated by others
  4. Being outspoken will de-harmonize, so not saying anything is good
  5. Disharmony is a bad thing
  6. Being in harmony despite of her not being in harmony is a good thing
  7. If she feels sad, the other person must be feeling extremely sad than her
  8. Letting other person feel bad is a bad thing
  9. Feeling bad is a bad thing

As we went deeper, she realized the above statements are beliefs. She says this because she remembered that when she was in her early 20s, she realized that

her external world was actually not in harmony even if she was sacrificing herself


However, because she learned not to feel, she did not know how to feel anymore. So, she decided to live on by

  • not saying her thoughts
  • accepting everything that the other people say


This influenced her life as the following;

  1. isolating herself to others because she couldn’t feel happiness, she couldn’t enjoy herself and she didn’t feel emancipated. This isolation made her feel that she was different from others. It made her feel nobody understood her.
  2. living a closed life: Even if she sometimes had ideas that may be enjoyable, she was never motivated to take action
  3. not living as she wanted because what she wanted was something intangible and unreachable


As we deepened even more, she realizes that 

she was subconsciously trying to feel peace when she de-sensualized herself. This sense of peace was the same state she wanted to feel by having feelings and being herself.  

What she wrote during the sessions 

By understanding this, there was a relief that she have felt.

Since, the space was held for one hour and she was becoming tired, the space was closed. She was given some homework to work on to integrate what she has realized in our session.


Organizing her thought by delving deeper in her answers became a good opportunity for her to realize herself. 

After hearing from her later, she said this session was positive for her because she realized her base of the foundation was just some beliefs that were not even true. 

She felt she was slowly able to release a part of her old self that she didn’t want and need anymore.


If you are interested more of these sessions, please feel free to contact me.

With few sessions, you will start feeling the change within you.

Although, I cannot make the changes for you, I can support you to make changes so you can truly live as your soul wants to sing.

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