Full Moon Ritual on Scorpio – 2 steps in releasing what doesn’t serve you

Full moon on scorpio means it has a beautiful transformative energy to bring up what it is that needed to be released in order to bring in the new.

In my full moon ritual, I combine the ancient and the modern method.

I create the space with the ancient wisdom and integrate the modern (yet conventional in some or most sense) method in my ritual. I will share you part of the things I did for this full moon.

I made a sacred space with intention and love

As for the releasing, there is a way to let go. I conduct these exercises based on NLP (Neuro – Linguistic Programming) which is the science of understanding how your brain operates in order to produce the result you desire.

This letting go exercise of the unwanted action allows you to do the following; 

    1. Realize your true intention behind the unwanted action

 If you understand the value you are trying to acquire by doing your particular action, you understand what your real intention was of your action. You understand what state you wanted to be in by doing that action. Sometimes as you do this, you realize that it is all based on belief that comes from the space of ego. (I define ego as your “non-essence” part of you. It is negative and untrue state of you such as insecurities, fear, judgement and etc.)

    2. Start thinking ways for suitable healthier alternatives

By understanding your true intention, you can think of different ways to acquire that value with healthier life choices

    3. Start living your life

By doing this, you will be living your life. You will feel in control with your life because you will not be living by reacting from the space of ego.

Having this process done will help you achieve the following: 

  1. Create healthier life choices
  2. Create affirmations that are necessary for you to remind yourself
  3. Be aware of what is it that you are truly seeking for

Here is one example with the issue of procrastination;


Ask yourself “what you can get by feeling this way”

After you made clear of what you would like to release, mainly do the following; 

1. When you keep asking yourself “Why? / What can I experience from feeling / taking this action?” You begin to understand what kind of state you value and are trying to create by taking that action.

2. Understanding where you learned the statement

For instance, as you try to delve in deeper in why you want to procrastinate, I found out it was because “I don’t want to see my possibility” Then, ask yourself where you “learned” to feel that. I realized that I learned “I did not want to see my possibility” because of the fear from possibly finding out that my effort would be a waste. If this means true, I felt I was not enough which hurts. As the picture below,  I realized I learned this feeling as a self mechanism during my high school time when I experienced failure and hurt.


Delve in deeper where you learned the belief. In this case, the belief of “my effort will be a waste”

After this: 

Although, there are many other methods you can do to fully release whatever it is that no longer serves you, I feel there are two primary methods you can do.

1. Understand your own exact process of the action you no longer want. By understanding this, you can unlearn yourself. There are tips to unlearn. If you are interested, DM me for questions or sessions.

2. Create empowering affirmations. However, just creating creating affirmation is not enough. There are tips you can do. If you are interested, DM me for questions or sessions.



The next full moon will be on May 29. The next full moon will be on Sagittarius.

If you are interested in the full moon ritual, do message me!

It will be 2,000 yen per person. We will create the sacred space together, perform the ritual and give a prayer to the moon through our body under the moon if the weather permits.

For these rituals,

I suggest for private sessions or to invite your partner or friends whom you trust to share for it could get personal.

I will also do a new moon ritual which will be great for making time to explore what you truly want to do. It would be around May 15.

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