“Everything I am not made me everything I am” – Kanye West’s Quote Part 1

Sharing inspiring quotes from Kanye West.

Time: 0:35

Q: “Last time I heard the news was when Kanye West was having a mental breakdown. 

So, mentally where are you?”

A: “I think I am in a stronger place than I ever was after the breakdown or what I would like to say, the mental “breakthrough”


I was inspired how he changed the word that the external world constructed by changing the representation of the word from “mental breakdown” to “breakthrough”

This is such an empowering internal representation because this is the truth since there is no reality. If something happens, you don’t need to accept that as the truth. Be aware of what you bring into your mind.


Time: 12:30

C: “You might of forgotten that you are Kanye West because so many people tried to make you believe you are less than who you truly are.” 

Time: 24:40

“You have to follow your gut feeling. Everybody has a position in the universe. I have been made and have the experience for a reason to be expressive and to go through .. When I have that fear, I have to be brave.” 

We are very beautiful when we are acting from the space of love because it comes from the essence of who you are. As Kanye West has mentioned in the Rolling Stone in 2007,


“Everything I am not made me everything I am” 

You have to experience and ask yourself what the lesson was. If you are aware, you realize some of the problems are repetitions. Your issues have a theme that you have to overcome. Be aware and learned from the lesson to evolve; to be your true essence.


Time: 27:09 

“Stop strategizing so much stop setting so many things … stop doing things based in fear. The universe will assist you when you are acting in love.” 

Time: Around 29:00

“We have to get in touch with the word (idea of)  ‘bad’ and ‘good’

Things just are. 

It depends on which side you are on… It just depends on what your agenda is… 

There is no bad. There is no enemies.” 

Good and bad are man-made. It is not real. Things just are. It is what it is.

Once you are able to accept this, you can learn to forgive and transcend.

Imagine your life is the flow of river. If you go with the flow, everything is perfect. It is when you go against the flow, you feel negative emotion. Trust the flow because there is no good or bad. Thing just is.


Time: 31:54

“My spirit, my attitude is the representation of fighting for your own truth.

Ye is an epoch thing.” 

Time: Around 32:56 

“(The lack of confidence) placed me in the simulation. I could completely be molded and controlled… I wouldn’t speak up… I didn’t trade (authencity) for (approval) because I did not have it. I did not have me.”

Time: Around 41:00

C: “I may not change the world, but I may plant the seeds in somebody else to change the world… 

K: “The problem is … self preservation is the first law of nature. But, people wont hand over codes completely to the next generation (because) out of just protecting themselves.”

There are times in the past when I decided not to share because I was scared somebody will make it more amazing and I will have nothing left. However, I will change / am changing this approach. I don’t want to live in such a limited and from space of fear / insecurities  because this is not about me. It is about the world. It is about how people can make a difference in the world and bring positive force into the world. So, it doesn’t have to be me as long as the impact is done.


Time: Around 42:00 

“There is so many elements in life that creates an icon that you are supposed to feel like you are not as good as the icon.” 

Time: Around 50:00

“With that infrastructure, and with these ideas and this connection I have, 

it (there) was no way it wouldn’t be a unicorn (business)”

C: “Does that make you anxious?”(for your business to be billion business) 

K: “No. It’s what it is supposed to be” 

Time: Around 54:27

“Obama came to me to let me know he is running for office because I am his favorite artist. And I am the greatest artist of all time. It makes sense. He has a good taste…. (This) is just a flat statement up to this point. After me, there will be greater…”

Time: 55:45

“You have to know who you are.”

I do empowering sessions where I support people explore who they are. If you are interested in my sessions, do message me or check my website:


If you resonate with his words, I hope you bring his words into your daily life!

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