1st thing to do when you don’t want to go to work …. 

1st thing when you don’t want to go work,

understand why you do not want to go to work. 


By understanding this aspect of yourself, you can either achieve the following; 

  1. Find other healthier alternative that may allow yourself get what you want while you stay at the company
  2. Ask yourself whether staying at your current work aligns with what you truly want to do


How to understand why you don’t want to work.

Simply ask “why you don’t want to work”! / “What can you get from not working…”

This is such a powerful question because it explores your value that you put in importance. This value will be the key for you to feel fulfilled. Thus, it is important in knowing and embracing to your value.



Always ask “What can I get from the value” to deepen your self exploration. Find out your value. Then, make it an effective affirmation. Following with your own personalized meditation. 


From self exploring, there are 2 main points to be mindful about in this case:

1. Ask yourself whether this is true

Ask whether the opposite is true about the statement:

For example, since I said, “If I don’t go to work, I can have my time”. Is this true? Ask the opposite like “Is it true that if I don’t go to work, I don’t have my time” The answer is no.

Then ask yourself the following for deeper self-exploration;

A. Why is it important to have time for myself

B. How I can make my own time.


2. Create Affirmation

As I self-explored, subconsciously speaking, it is important to feel grounded. In order for me to feel in peace, statement like “I am okay / I am proud of myself” are crucial to remind myself.

After understanding your core value, create powerful affirmation then a personal meditation by asking yourself the following;

  1. When / how would I know “I am okay / I am proud of myself?
  2. What part of the body do I feel this from? How does this feeling look like?


By doing the above, I was able to get the following;  

  1. Create a healthier alternative 

Since, I need money, quitting my job is not a feasible solution. I also like what I do. But, the issue seemed to rise because I felt it was taking away my time and my sense of peace. By listing what I can do to remind myself that I do have and embrace that sense of peace, it made me feel more in control and more motivated to work because I don’t have the heavy feeling anymore.

I did this exercise 4 weeks ago. Strangely, my coworker told me the other day that she is surprised in how suddenly my attitude changed in my work.

2.  Living the affirmation 

I feel more centered and grounded because I am able to be in that state. By being conscious in what value I want to embrace, I feel empowered and aligned.


I hope you try this out!

Message or comment below if you have any questions!

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