Quotes: Power, Freedom and Grace


This is one of the books that gave me great impact 8 years ago.

If I were you, I suggest you to buy this book for every sentence radiates wisdom.

It definitely is a book that you can come back to from time to time when you feel you are not aligned with your true-self.

I love this book.

I hope my below quotes inspires you to explore!


I just want to give appreciation as below;

Thank you universe for allowing me to live in an environment and time where education is our fundamental right 

Thank you my parents for providing me with a space that allowed me to study English for it opened my world 

Thank you M.K. for introducing me to this book 8 years ago 

Thank you universe for all interconnected lives that made this possible

Thank you universe for the whole process it took for this book to be published

Thank you universe for inspiring me to read this book again  

Thank you K.M for bringing me fire into my life 

Thank you Guruji for your power 

Thank you Amma for your love

Thank you N.R. for the beautiful experience in India 

Thank you N.Y. for suggesting me to come to Thailand 

Thank you D.C. for talking to me during work in Fuso 

Thank you dad for I am literate and I understand English 

Thank you mom for your love 

Thank you everybody and everything for I wont be here today without all my past  



Regarding Fluidity 

The body you have today is not the same one you had three months ago (P30)

I still remember 8 years ago how this notion / information changed me. This is because I was able to believe that even I could change. I was able to believe in my own possible transformation because my body is not even the same.


Time is an idea (P45) The mind is nonlocal and so as time. There is only the eternal moment (P45)

I still remember how this notion brought new insight into my life. I realized how I was actually creating distinction in my daily life. I was believing in the world of duality and this was harming me. I used to believed that the past and the present was the absolute. However, it is not. I am not defined by my past. Nor am I defined by my future. I am everything. So, I don’t need to limit myself to dream because I am nonlocal and eternal.


We are constantly re-creating ourselves at the quantum mechanical level, the atomic level, the molecular level, the material level of the physical body (P65)


Everything that we can think of is just a different vibration of the same essence (P68)


To create is to bring into being, or existence. And to create something new, we have to die to what is (P69)


Every death is an opportunity for a quantum leap of creativity (P69)

What are some old habits that is not serving you to bring in the new? Personally speaking, I want to give death to my idleness. My idleness served its purpose before by allowing me to feel secure and safe in my comfort zone. However, it is not who I am and what I want to be. I am taking action to be active to feel amazing and also safe/ peaceful in my vast possibilities and potentials. 


Nothing has really died; it has only transformed (P72)



Regarding Beliefs / Interpretations: 

What we see, we become, what we touch, we become (P50)


Every interpretation we make in every moment has an effect on the energy patterns of our body. And we can change our interpretations because we made them in the first place.


We have the power to make choices (P55)


Boundaries and beliefs are nothing more than ideas or concepts that we have committed to and accepted as truth (P164)


When we use memories, we are creators. When our memories use us, we become the victims (P176)

I tell myself this everyday:

I (want to be) free myself from choosing to be a victim every moment. I choose to make action based from love because I am love and infinite. 


Regarding Present/ Past / Future / Suffering 

Past and future are in the imagination; reality is in the this moment.  (P166)


This moment is free because all your troubles live in the past or in the future, which means they live in your imagination… When a situation is troubling you, then ask yourself, Whats wrong right now? If you do this, then you realize that in this moment there are no problem (P169)


Detach from worry in this moment. Stay in this moment (P170)


Don’t let imagines fears of the future influence the present. And don’t let memories of the past influence the present (P182)


The present moment is the moment of choice and interpretation. Your choices, this moment, are creating the external events you are experiencing in this moment (P168)



Regarding your true-self / higher-self / essence 

Between every thought is a little gap of silence, and that’s where you will find the real you (P56)


The silent witness is the one part of you that doesn’t change. If you find the part of you that doesn’t change, then you will be able to cause transformation in the part of you that does change


When you know your true essence, … you no longer identify with the changing behavior of the ocean of consciousness in all its different forms; you identify with the unchanging essence of consciousness itself (P78)


And why do we feel wonderful all the time? Because we don’t identify with the situation; we are the detached, silent witness of the situation. We are secure in who we are, and we have no urge to prove this to anyone (P88)

Some of the things I remind myself and I consciously choose to live by is:

I practice detachment because there is no need for me to be attached for I am perfect and complete as I am pure consciousness 


We are infinite consciousness with a localized point of view (P20)


The real you is non-material and therefore not subject to the limitations of space, time, matter and causation (P22)



Regarding Universe / Higher self 

I am pure consciousness, pure potentiality, a field of all possibilities. That’s who I am. I am not the body nor am I the mind. I am omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent (P61)


Real power is the power to create, the power to transform, the power to love, the power to heal, the power to be free. Real power comes from our connection to our deepest self, to what is real (P86)


Joy and sorrow, happiness and suffering, are the play of opposites; they are transient because they are time-bound. The essential you, is independent of the play of opposites; it dwells in the silent bliss of the eternal. And when you know yourself as this field of pure consciousness, then you are living from the source, which is bliss (P93)


The mind is made up of opposing energies that spark and create the fire of life…. We are all of these things because we are field of all possibilities (P96) When you exhibit so-called positive and negative qualities, you are not flawed; you are complete ( P97)

This is so beautiful. Since, I am everything, it is okay. There is no need to suppress my ‘socially created’ flaws because I am everything. It’s beautiful part of me, yet it is not who I am. For I am eternal and I cannot be confined in duality …

(Just want to give great gratitude town the universe now! Thank you for allowing me to be literate. Thank you for creating words and letters so wisdom can be passed on to) 

When you forgive yourself and stop judging yourself, then you wont judge others, and there will be less conflict in the world (P98)

Few questions for you:

1. What do you judge about yourself and others?

2. Why do you judge? Understand what repels you for this is who you are.

3. What do you like about others for this is also who you are.



Regarding “being in one” 

This is my extended body. I have a  personal body and I have an extended body., and they are both equally mine. Those trees are not just trees; they are my lungs. Those rivers are not just rivers; they are my circulation. This earth is my body, this air is my breath, and the fire in my heart is the fire in the stars (p121)


I am not in the world; the world is in me. I am not in the body; the body is in me. I am not in the mind; the mind is in me. Body, mind, and world happen to me as  I curve back within myself and create them (p125)


That tree exists in me. That being exists in me.Those stars and galaxies, this table and chair – everything exists in me (p128)

If we all realize we are everything, free from duality, we become who we really are; abundant and limitless and free from limiting beliefs that are taught from society and family.

If we also realize we are everything we can all be compassionate to others because you can understand that behind all aggression conceals unhealed pain.



Regarding Purpose 

What is my purpose in life? To be happy, to joyfully participate in the creativity and evolution of the universe (P62)


To experience lasting happiness, you have to go beyond the world of duality to the field of pure potentiality and live from your source (P94)



Regarding Coincidence / Synchronicity

Everything is connected with everything else, and if we are in synch with the universe, then we experience synchronicity. The more connected we are, the more we experience coincident or simultaneous event. Therefore, never ignore coincidences… Ask yourself, What does this mean? What is the significance of this coincidence? Coincidences are the messages from your soul. (P147)

I love when I encounter synchronicity because I feel aligned with the universe. I feel in-tuned with the universe. I feel loved and protected by the universe. It’s so beautiful. Sometimes I giggle to these wonderful synchronicity that I had been blessed with. However, sometimes, I feel I take them granted.

I (want to learn to) recognize and respect each synchronicity that I am lovingly gifted which helps me to raise the vibration of the world. 



Regarding Ego

Fear, doubt, worry, and concern are some of the energies associated with your ego. The best way to dissipate these energies to feel your body. Just feel the localized sensations in your body and keep feeling them until they begin to dissipate (P82)


You break free (from ego)  by choosing to identify with your inner self, the real you… You break free when you no longer defend your point of view… You know you are free when you feel happy and at ease instead of fearful and anxious… You know you are free when you surrender to the moment, to what is. (P82, 83)


When you try to control everything, when you are afraid, when you feel isolated – all these things interfere with the flow of nature’s intelligence (P105)


Attachment is a form of fear, doubt, and worry, and this constricts the flow of nature’s intelligence (P112)


Resistance to what is creates suffering (P171)



Regarding Focus 

Whatever you put your attention on grows stronger in life (P106)


1. What are your currents thoughts?


Desires are like seeds left in the ground. They wait for the right season, and then spontaneously bloom into beautiful flowers and majestic trees (P115)


I hope this beautiful words blossom your world.

Leave any comments for your favorite quotes!

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