how to self love

Self Love 

What is self love? 

Sub note: I will be writing in “I” pronoun and in present tense. All though, I do struggle in feeling such way sometimes, stating in present tense while experiencing the statement will lead  one to subconsciously make decisions based in that statement because our brain cannot differentiate reality and imagination


Self Love is about loving myself unconditionally

I accept who I am

 I am in love with whom I am 


I am in love with all my so-called “flaws” our society made me believe to promote capitalism and consumerism 

I am in love with myself so, I make conscious decisions to free myself from the polarity our society passive-aggressively enforces me to have 


I am in love with myself so, I make all my decisions based in the space of love


and if my ego arises,

I observe my ego with love and compassion

for I make conscious decision to be self aware


Since, I accept who I am, I accept others

Since I honor who I am, I honor others

Since, I see my own beauty, I see the beauty of others

Since, I give patience to myself, I give patience to others 

Since, I speak kindly to myself, I speak kindly to others


I see myself as perfect because I don’t define myself as my past nor present self


I am an infinite being


I am infinite possibilities for I believe I am and I know I am



This knowing is the basis of self love;

I am everything I want and can be


Through self love, I and others who sing self love will contribute to the world 

for we will be taking action from the space of love which leads to fulfilling our purpose here on Mother Earth 

Through self love, I nurture the sense of purpose and meaning of life. 

Through self love, I live in eternity


Through self love, I breathe in the present moment for there is no need to dwell in the past or the future

because I am genuinely in love with myself and others




How can I love myself when I don’t love myself? 

Be honest!

 Being honest and admitting that I don’t “currently” love myself is already huge! This shows I am already aware and that I have the possibilities to change the state that I don’t want and no longer serves.

Being honest shows that I am already in the path of loving my own self


Make habits to be aware!

Answering the below questions and reading my answers aloud every morning and night will help me be focused in creating habits to self love


1. What am I proud of that I did in life? 

Do not compare with others. when answering. If I compare myself to others, I am being dependent on external circumstances for my self love and happiness. This is not healthy because all external matters are transient and volatile. )


2. What do / did I love about myself today? 

This may be a hard question to answer. I may cry because I may not able to answer this. I may feel lost and worthless because I cannot even answer this.

However, is this how I want to live myself for another 40 years .. feeling shitty about myself? Or would I rather feel empowered, strong, beautiful and beyond amazing?


Realize that I can only truly love myself. 

Realize that I cannot rely other to love me to love myself.


3. What is my ideal self? 

Brainstorm what my ideal self is.


say it in present tense as I imagine

and experience what that statement is like. 

For example, if my ideal self is being strong, let’s ask myself the following;

What do I define being strong?

Have I ever felt strong in myself?


If yes, let’s come back to that feeling and relive the experience.

If no, find a role model who fits the definition of strong to you.

Observe and analyze how the person is strong.

Exactly copy their behavior, posture and choice of words



How can I show love to myself?

How can I show myself I honor myself?

How can I show myself I respect myself? 

Take time to write this. Then, start taking action.

If I wasn’t able to commit to it, it is okay.

Love my own process for the transformation.

Be patient. Be compassionate 🙂



I hope we all start taking action in loving ourselves

If you have any friends who may love this, do share and let’s spread the love!

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