Just take action and you will start understanding what you want to do!


About today’s session: 

I felt there was a shift to his world in the time between his session (11:45 ~ 13:30)

  • Before the session, he seemed like he did not want to make plans in his daily lives.
  • As we did the session, we organized his thoughts: making his plan meant being stuck. He saw how his friends made “plan” and may have a great job, but he felt they were not truly happy. He did not want to end up like them. Interestingly, in order for him to live positively and to do what he wants to do, he found out that he actually do need to make plans so he can feel excited and do what he wants to do in the long run. 
  • After the session: He wants to try few suggestions I made including making plans and other things as well.

Personally speaking, I was happy because the thing he resisted the most, he felt he wanted to do it starting from today.  (yay)

He even texted me the next day, that things are already changing! 

Regarding today’s session and message for you all : 

It is okay not knowing what you want to do. 

It seems like people who are doing what they love to do already knew like they knew what they wanted to do from the start. However, it is not true. Including myself, I always felt lost.

However, by actually taking action and starting to do the “little” things that I like, I began to know what I wanted to do as I also found out what I don’t like to do. 


As Oprah says, not knowing what you want to do leads you to what you want to do.


All though, this may seem very inefficient, it is okay because unless you take action, you will never know about yourself; you will always feel stuck and remain not knowing what you want to do.


So, take action! Start being honest to yourself! Start making plans! Start dreaming!

Start creating the life you want to live!

No matter how much you resist, we live the same life anyway. 

Ask yourself what you want to feel when you are about to die. How do you want to feel?

If you don’t want to die with thoughts full of regrets, then what are you waiting for?!


Love yourself enough to live your life! 


Introduction of the session: 

From your birth year, birth month, birth date and your full name, I will make a document that shows you about the following;

  • personality
  • fear
  • life purpose
  • life lesson to overcome

You will also be given suggestions to that you may like to follow which may support you.

Benefit for this session:

  • you embrace yourself
  • you find about yourself / confront yourself
  • you will have new insight in life and about yourself

In any case, you do not need to agree with everything. You don’t need to believe 100% of what I share with you. However, you will be surprised in how much the content will resonate with you.

If you are interested for a session, feel free to contact me!

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