Lesson from the session: Eradicate self doubt to move forward


About today’s session:  A shift in her world

Intention: Achieving her goal


Regarding self doubt 

Before the session: she always felt “Am I doing something wrong?” This hampered her from expanding her self because she was always doubting and not being able to be honest

As we did the session, we organized the thinking process that goes into her mind when she doubt herself. Then, we replaced it with a thinking process that empowered her. Also, she realized there was no need to self doubt especially when she had not anything wrong and when she was basing that thought in something that is very volatile and unreal.

After the session, she felt it is meaningless to self doubt like that. She found an empowering way to combat her habit that she had been making for many years.


Regarding limiting belief 

Before the session: She had a limiting belief that was hampering her from exhibiting her true potential. The limiting belief was that results that can be measured with numbers meant success while failing an exam absolutely means failure. From her previous experience, she also subconsciously believed that taking immense effort leads to failure

As we did the session, she realized and did the following:

  1. She puts importance in the following values: self improvements, energy, expansion of mind, meeting new people, self acceptance. This lead her to a sense of “I lived my life” She realized that if she has no doubt or regret, she can truly focus on her self which will result in her best outcome which she truly wants
  2. The limiting belief is indeed limiting because she had the tendency to postpone important action to fulfill her action
  3. She cannot look acceptance from external circumstances, but within herself. She needs to accept herself to feel accepted
  4. Explored her own resources to feel her values


Regarding today’s session and message for you all : 

If you ever self doubt yourself, ask yourself,


“Where did I learn how to doubt myself?” 

Understanding the root cause of the self doubt will dismantle the action of self-doubt itself.

When we are born, we are not born doubting ourselves. Like any other things, we are learned to doubt ourselves through experience.

For example, if your parents never showed you love when growing up, you may start to learn to self doubt to try to understand why your parents do not show affection and love.

It’s important to know that there is no need to grip too much on to your past. You always have the choice to free yourself from the pain in the past. As long as you are emotionally enslaved in the past, you choose to not move forward

Always remember that forgiveness to whomever hurt you can let you be free from being attached to your past.

So, consciously choose to make  space to live in the present for it will create the future you want to authentically want to live in. 

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