Dec. 31 : Reflecting 2018 / Fantasizing 2019 

Dec. 31 Reflecting 2018 / Fantasizing 2019 

15:20 – 19:00  / 7 people

What we did: 

Reflecting 2018 / Fantasizing 2019 with 8 pages of worksheets that were specifically created for this workshop.

By creating and affirming the safe and loving space to share one’s vision and vulnerabilities, it allowed people to share their fear and what they want to do.

Since, there are many sharing (if one feels the calls for), it is very empowering and inspiring space.




Some of the things that touched my heart:

  •  It was very beautiful how some were being very expressive with their emotions. I love how the space felt safe enough for one to show their truest feelings
  • I, personally, struggled with “asking” for things to others in 2018. One member of the group shared me that some people love being asked because it shows trust in their ability in solving the problem. I have never thought that in that perspective before. I know this will help me in 2019
  • Some of the affirmations / phrases i loved in the session

“I am around people who brings the best of me” 

“I am around people who brings out my fullest potential” 

“I am the change of the world” 

“Did you hear that? It’s the universe smiling” 


  • Everybody seemed to have the “Just do it” mindset which definitely empowered me to be the same!


What are the workshop based in? 

Based in knowledge of: modern psychology and ancient wisdom 


~ Modern Psychology :NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) ~

NLP is the study of how language, both verbal and nonverbal, affects our nervous system.

Our ability to do anything in life is  based upon our ability to direct our own nervous system. Thus, if one masters the optimum way to self communicate themselves, then they can produce the most resourceful state of their being to create such desirable state through their behavior choices.

Therefore, by understanding NLP, one understands how your brain works. By knowing the framework of the function of human’s brain, it helps you to produce the result you want.


– NLP X Lin –

Lin went to school to master NLP 3 years ago. She has already acquired the following certificates which enabled her to guide others to fulfill their dreams, clarify their visions and self confront.


Examples of her successful one on one private session:

Although your efforts are necessary to achieve your ideal state, by my clients taking my sessions, they were able to achieve the following;

•By having sessions to gain confidence, she won 1st place in her first body building completion

•By having session to do image training, a professional sport athlete had his best score

•Finally was able to breathe after her abusive relationship with her former relationship

•Finding and being hired from her ideal job which she did not even know it had existed after a month after my session

•Being able to focus on her work by having less stress and finding a solution regarding her boss she did not share his value

•Was able to understand why he was attracting certain girls to his relationships

•Was finally able to speak with his parents whom he did not have a good relationship

•Found out what he wanted to do (e.g. after retirements or in general)


~ Ancient Wisdom ~

She had been traveling to India ( 5th times in 2019), Thailand (2nd times), Peru and Amazon, Brazil with the intention to expand her mind so she can be the support to align people walk their truth path.

Her workshop will include some aspects she had learned in her travel



Who will enjoy my space: 

  • loves personal growth
  • want to feel connected
  • dont like superficial conversation
  • loves to be inspired and inspire!



Further workshops: 

Similar workshops will be held in the following days:

  • Jan 5 and Jan 19
  • Donation based
  • (All donation for this workshop will be given to an organization that combats with deforestation in the Amazon. Organization is still TBD)

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