Empowerment Life Coach Session・ 自己啓発促進セッション:夫との喧嘩の解消について / Solving Argument with her husband


(English Below)














  • 自分の「家族」の価値観について
  • 自分の過去が今の自分に影響されていたという自覚





  • 彼女の過去がどう今に影響されているか
  • オープンなコミュニーケションをできたら、「信頼」「素直」という価値観を満たせると彼女は言ってました。しかし、今の彼女の反応だと、相手にオープンなコミュニケーションをしたがるような言動はしていないことに彼女は気づきました。そこで、宿題では、夫とどうすれば「オープンなコミュニケーション」ができるかを話すことです。

















Her intention 

“I always have an argument with my husband regarding the same topic. I am tired of fighting. I just want us to be fine again”

She came to the session with the above intention. She had been worrying about this issue for a very long time that she even thought of “not being together” anymore because it was very stressful for her.



What she have gained

After deep diving about her family values, she realizes she put importance to “trust” “honesty”

She felt her husband action went against her values and that was why she was very agitated because she did not want to experience another dysfunctional family like own with her new family. She realized she had this fear inside her which made her more desperate in maintaining and feeling her family values. 

We also explored around her “Trust” We found out that she had learned from her past that “People who share all their play for the day is definitely somebody who I can trust” Therefore, she realized her brain subconsciously associated people who don’t hare all their plan is not trustable. 

Morever, all though she thought she had overcame her past heartbreak, she noticed how it was still dominating her action today. Since, she subconsciously believed that “I will be hurt if I trust people. I am loose myself and everything if I trust people again”, she couldn’t trust somebody who may be a threat to her trust issues




For her husband and her to discuss about the following;

  1. How her past is still affecting her present decisions and actions
  2. Although, she believed that open communication is the key for trust and honesty, she realizes how reaction to things did not make her husband want to have open communication with her. Hence, the homework is to discuss about how both of them can create a space where open communication is appreciated



Next step 

Since, she is still hurt from her past, having another session regarding this issue will help her be liberated from her past.




By knowing oneself, one can create an ideal future 

Therefore, let’s take time to explore ourselves and recognize how our past is shaping our present so, we can create an effective approach to become better



If you are interested in my empowerment session; 

First session is for free

Or if you are keen to my session, it is 6,590 yen (2,000 yen discount than the usual price) until 2019.4

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