Quotes about Surrender, Love, Forgiveness by Marianne Williamson Part 1

Quotes from

A Return to Love 

Reflections on the principles of “A Course In Miracles” 

Part 1

50770340_1648313478603497_5000171685865848832_n.jpgBy Marianne Williamson 


“Changes in life are always going to happen; they’re part of the human experience. What we can change, however, is how we perceive them. And that shift in our perception is a miracle – P18

^ Our thoughts creates our reality. Therefore, the most radical shift that can happen to you is to have empowering thoughts which will create empowering ideal experience.

In my life coaching session, we examine both your subconscious and conscious thoughts so you  can create the life you want!

“And whether we love, or close our hearts to love, is a mental choice we make, every moment of every day” – P19


“Love in your mind producers love in your life….. 

Fear in your mind produces fear in your life” – P24 

^ Growing up, I was living in constant fear within my self. I was scared to live because I was scared to face my imperfection. Then, my life was not my life. My life was all about pleasing both my father and mother. I was not happy. Now, it is different. Now, I love myself enough to make mistakes. I allow myself to see my own imperfection. This brought me to my love of my life (hopefully) and my passion and dream.

“Closing our hearts destroys our peace” – P24

“The perfect you is the love within you” -P29


“I accept the beauty within me as who I really am” – P33


“What we give to others, we give to ourselves… When we choose fear instead of love, we deny ourselves the experience of Paradise (love)” – P36


“Taking responsibility for our lives means taking responsibility for our thoughts” – P37


“Our comfort zones are the limited areas in which we find it easy to love” -P40 

^ In other words, our comfort zones are the space where we avoid pain and avoid self confrontation. It is the uncertainty we resist. However, our limitless potentials and more often, our passion and our dreams usually hides in this uncertainty.

“Enlightened people don’t have anything we don’t have. They have perfect love inside, and so do we. The difference is that they don’t have anything else.” – P42


“The world loves us when we choose to love the world” – P61

^ I remember how Lisa excitingly told me about this secret. I began to integrate what she said to my life. Now, I know the world .. .the universe loves me.

“We are on the earth to love” – P67

^ I find this is all our purpose on Earth. Same purpose but different “mission” aka approaches to express love toward Mother Earth.

“The purpose of our lives is to give birth to the best which is within us” – P75

^ For this to happen, we need to love and believe in ourselves. We must have the strength to self reflect and be ourselves

“All that is real in our past is the love we gave and the love we received. Everything else is an illusion” – P71 

^ So true. Love is real. But, other things are all based in fear. If we felt negative, it is because we choose to associate it with negativity. That, alone, is not negative at all. It is when we identify with negativity, then, it becomes negativity. Then, why associate with negativity? Let learn what this negativity is trying to teach us. So, we can evolve to a better being on Earth.

“If we are frantic, life will be frantic. If we are peaceful, life will be peaceful…. Our internal state determines our experience of our lives; our experiences do not determine our internal state” -P78


“When you meet anyone, remember it is a holy encounter.

As you see him, you will see yourself. As you treat him, you will treat yourself. As you think of him, you will think of yourself. Never forget this, for in him you will find yourself or lose yourself” – P91


“In every relationship, in every moment, we teach either love or fear. To teach is to demonstrate. As we demonstrate love towards others, we learn that we are lovable and we learn how to love more deeply. As we demonstrate fear or negativity, we learn self-condemnation and we learn to feel more frightened of life” – P92


“Growth is never about focusing on someone else’s lessons, but only on our own” 


Negatives in our lives 

“My negativity was as destructive to me as alcohol is to the alcoholic” – P9


“It’s become popular these days to blame practically everything on our parents… But if you take a close look at how our parents treated us, what ever abuse they gave us was often mild compared to the way we abuse ourselves today” – P 6


“People who do make us angry, however, are our most important teachers. They indicate the limits to our capacity for forgiveness (to love and live in presence)” – P95


“If a person behaves un-lovingly, then, that means that, regardless of their negativity, their behavior was derived from fear and doesn’t actually exist. They are hallucinating. You forgive them, then, because there is nothing to forgive” – P97


“When people behave un-lovingly, they have forgotten who they are” – P97


“But everything that someone does, is either ‘love or a call for love’ If someone treats us with love, then of course love is the appropriate response. If they treat us with fear, we are to see their behavior as a call for love.” – P99


“All negativity drives from fear. When someone is angry, they are afraid. When someone is rude, they are afraid. When someone is manipulative, they are afraid. When someone is cruel, they are afraid. There is no fear that love dos not dissolve. There is no negativity that forgiveness does not transform” – P102


“The only think that “takes the pain away” is a healing of the things that cause the pain” – P122

^ This is why self reflecting is important. For in self reflection, you create the opportunity to understand the root cause of the pain in which you had accumulated somewhere in life.

“Anger is often a result of a series of un-communicated feelings building up inside of us and ultimately exploding.” – P132



“To surrender … means to let go and just love. By affirming that love is our priority in a situation, we actualize the power of God (love)” p 20


“Surrender is not weakness or loss. It is a powerful nonresistance… It is strength” – P56


“When we stop trying to control events, they fall into a natural order, an order that works” – P56


Surrender means giving up attachment to results. When we surrender, we let go of our attachment to how things happen on the outside and we become more concerned with what happens on the inside” – P56

^ Surrender is the word I had been seeing since 2017. It was a word I never understood. But, this book beautifully described it.



“Love is energy” – P22


“Anything that isn’t love is an illusion. Remember this, and you will be at peace” – P23


Love isn’t love until it’s unconditional” -P40


‘We think we have many different problems, but we only one. Denying love is the only problem, and embracing it is the only answer. Love heals all relationships to money, the body, work, sex, death, ourselves and one another” – P84



“Only the ego speculates about tomorrow.” – P73


“That is what the ego doesn’t want us to see; that our safety actually lies in letting down our mask. But, we cannot do this when we are constantly afraid of being judged” – P121

^ Why is it so hard to let down our mask when everybody is also afraid? If we have a society that embraces sharing our emotion and feeling, then, it will be more easy for people to take off their mask because vulnerability is accepted and not condemned.



“Fear is an illusion. Our craziness, paranoia, anxiety and trauma are literally all imagined” – P23


“Fear manufactures a kind of parallel universe where the unreal seems real, and the real seems unreal” – P23


“Fear does not promote learning” -P34



“Faith isn’t blind, it’s visionary” -P52


“Without faith, we are frantically trying to control what it is not our business to control, and fix what it is not in our power to fix” – P52

^ This quote… when you watch “The Matrix Reloaded” it displays it so beautifully. Morpheus faith is visionary because it motivates action and ignite strength while those who do not have faith puts them to be in a sign of survival mode.

“We either have faith in fear or we have faith in love” – P54


“Coming from fear, they merely put people off” – P106



“Sometimes miracle is a change in material conditions, such as physical healing. At other times, it is a psychological or emotional change. It is a shift not so much in an objective situation, but is a shift in how we perceive a situation. What changes, primarily, is a how we hold an experience in our minds – how we experience the experience” – P65

^ Agree! Agree! Agree! My turning point, aka the offspring of my miracles flourished when I had a huge mind shift by reading “THink and grow rich” by Napoleon Hills. From that expeirence, I want to give people opportunity to experience mind shifts… But, perhaps, I want to give them miracles that these change in perception can bring

When our perception of an object changes, the object itself literally changes” – P66


“Because thought is the creative level of things, changing our minds is the ultimate personal empowerment” – P66


Thought that is no longer limited, brings experience that is no longer limited” -P66


“Our self-perception determines our behavior. If we think we are small, limited, inadequate creatures, then we tend to behave that way, and the energy we radiate reflects those thoughts no matter what we do. 
If we think we are magnificent creatures with an infinite abundance of love and power to give, then we tend to behave that way. Once again, the energy around us reflects our state of awareness” – P67


That is why the miracle is a shift in our own thinking; the willingness to keep our own heart open, regardless of whats going on outside us” – P103



“To forgive is merely to remember only the loving thoughts you gave in the past, and those that were given to you. All the rest must be forgotten” – P69


“The practice of forgiveness is our most important contribution to the healing of the world. Angry people cannot create a peaceful planet.” – P70


“A radical forgiveness is a complete letting go of the past, in any personal relationship, as well as in any collective drama.” – P70 


“That’s why little children are brilliant. They don’t remember the past, and they don’t relate to the future” – P71


“The past is over. It can touch me not” – P71


“The only way to heal the wounds of the past, ultimately, is to forgive them and let them go” – P75


“It’s never really a circumstance that needs to change – it’s we who need to change” – P76


“Forgiveness is the key to inner peace because it is the mental technique by which our thoughts are transformed from fear to love” – P93


“Forgiveness is ‘selective remembering’ – a conscious decision to focus on love and let the rest go” – P93


“Forgiveness is the choice to see people as they are now” – P96


“To let the past go is to remember that in the present, 〇〇 is innocent” – P97

^ so true. When we attach our perception to the 〇〇, the 〇〇 looses his / her innocence. We are making the choice to live in love or fear.

“Peace stems from forgiveness. Pain doesn’t stem from the love we are denied by others but rather from the love that we deny them” -P103



“Each person is given a chosen learning partner who presents him with unlimited opportunities for learning” – P107


“Often we see a couple who has separated or divorced and look with sadness at the ‘failure’ of their relationship. But if both people learned what they were meant to learn, then that relationship was a success.” – P108 

^ “mind changing shift” I didn’t think of my past relationships. But, they did end. From the most aching heartbreak, I realized my own non-existing self love which was the beginning of my life. All my relationships led me to my self discovery for I explored what I wanted and what I did no want.

“Life-long relationships are generally few because ‘their existence implies that those involved have reached a stage simultaneously in which the teaching – learning balance is actually perfect” – P109


“People who have the most to teach us are often the ones who reflect back to us the limits to our own capacity to love, those who consciously or unconsciously challenge our fearful positions. They show us our walls. Our walls are our wounds… We are in each other’s lives in order to help us see where we most need healing and in order to help us heal” – P109


“For an unholy relationship is based on differences, where each one thinks the other has what he has not. They come together, each to complete himself and rob the other.

A holy relationship starts from a different premise. Each one has looked within and seen no lack. Accepting his completion, he would extend it by joining with another, whole as himself” – P115


“But if a relationship exist too support our growth, then in many ways it exists to do just those things; force us out of our limited tolerance and inability to love unconditionally” – P118

^ With my current partner. It is truly beautiful how we both know this.

“Part of working on ourselves, is learning how to support another person in being the best that they can be” – P127


“In a holy relationship, we consider it part of our commitment to stay current in the honest expression of our feelings, and to support our partner in doing the same” – P133


“instead of saying, for instance ‘You made me feel this or that (during a fight)’ you say, “This is how I am feeing. I am not saying you made me feel this way, or that you are to blame I am simply sharing this as part of my healing, in order to release this feeling and move beyond.’” – P134


“Real relationships demand honest communication and no matter how painful , no matter how frightening” – P134



“healing doesn’t occur in the past. It occurs in the present.” – P128


“Every moment we have a change to change our past and our future by reprogramming the present” – P128


I hope this somehow gives you the feeling of the book!

I hope you were inspired or gave a great opportunity for you to reflect!

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