Family’s influence – Tokyo Tribe Dinner #2 April

58711544_457257855020923_6266463112858173440_nTokyo Tribe : Family

I created a very grounding calming safe space from the city life.

All though, we all do not know each other, we share about part of our lives regarding the event’s topic in a safe space of our “circle of love” 

◉◉◉ This event’s topic  ◉◉◉ 

What’s something you learned from your parents?

1. Empowering 

2. Disempowering

At the end, we gave gratitude toward our parents

I was personally inspired when ….

  • one person shared that he sees everybody as his mother, father, his brothers and sisters. He sees them as his own close ancestors and his offspring. He gives people love by hugging them
  • As His parents passed away, he felt more love toward them that his heavy feeling also released and brought more unconditional love toward humanity
Some feedbacks:
What did you like about the dinner?
  • The people and the food
  • I enjoyed the welcoming atmosphere and the shared vulnerability
  • I loved the delicious food and appreciate meeting new lovely friends

What did you gain from the dinner?

  • More perspective on what I’m curious about and what I’m struggling with
  • I made new friends and most importantly, connection to others
  • I gained a larger appreciation for family. My attitude towards my parents changed and would initiate more hugs
Photos from the dinner

◉◉◉ What is our mission? ◉◉◉
To create a community where people can truly be themselves and where people support each others’s dreams and to LOVE 🙂

◉◉◉ What we will do? ◉◉◉ 
Just talk, eat great food from unique restaurants! + Topic

Next dinner is on May 15th (Wed) 

If you are interested, do contact me for the details!


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