Honoring our fear – Tokyo Tribe Dinner # 3 May

Tokyo Tribe : Our fear 

I created a very grounding calming safe space from the city life.

All though, we all do not know each other, we share about part of our lives regarding the event’s topic in a safe space of our “circle of love”



◉◉◉ This event’s topic  ◉◉◉

I have facilitated dinner + mini – workshop that explores around the below questions in a very safe environment  

  • What’s our ideal situation and what is limiting us from taking action?
  • What is our fear?
  • Why do we have fear?
  • What did we actually want by having fear?

Some people shared things that they have not shared before to people whom they don’t know

Some feedbacks:

What new thing did you discover about yourself 

I realized that I am passive and waiting for better life to come to me now. I know that taking action is the only way
I was surprised to find out that I actually had fear to become optimistic
I was afraid to speak up about my issues. But, it got easier around 21:35, I was surprised I spoke clearly. I thought I would embarrass myself, but it felt good to be understood.
~ workshop time ~



What did you like about the dinner?


It was so nice to be in a space where I will be accepted by everybody with anything I share
… Tokyo Tribe allows such space to come together to share their dark emotions
 I was able to have deep conversation with things I rarely have conversation about 
Amazing hosts. Great environment for focusing on each other




◉◉◉ What is our mission? ◉◉◉
To create a community where people can truly be themselves and where people support each others’s dreams and to LOVE 🙂


◉◉◉ What we will do? ◉◉◉ 
Just talk, eat great home-made food  + Topic

Next dinner is on Jun 12 (Wed) 

If you are interested, do contact me for the details!


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