Feedback from Power Couple Workshops

During Golden Week,

we have done a power couple workshops in Izu at our friend’s place.

The workshops were about the following:

I was not able to do workshop #2 in our 2 days due to the limited time, but we have enjoyed exploring our workshop 1 and 2

Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 2.24.28 PM

Creating safe safe called, “Circle of Love” is very important in Jiaiii


During our workshops, we will go into different partner or your romantic parter to self-explore


Regarding Rules for the space; 

I, personally, feel it is extremely important for people to know about the ground rules. This is because in society, we are always under fear of being judged. Therefore, I put into huge importance when creating a space where people can be honest, open and feel safe.

This allows people to open up and some of the participants needed tissues to wipe their eyes because they were expressing emotion.

It is not healthy to suppress your emotion because it will somehow and ALWAYS affects  your every interaction with people all the time. 

Therefore, creating a safe space is something crucial for me.



Regarding defining ideal relationship 

It is extremely important to know your own value in relationship because all your action will be based in realizing your value. 

Most fight / arguments occurs because you feel your partner is not aligned with your highest value. For example; before, I had an argument aka. a clash of opinion with my partner because my highest value was “improvements” when his highest value was “loving himself”. Hence, he felt ‘improvements’ went against his own highest value “self-love” therefore, we had an argument to realize our own highest value.

However, if you know each others’ value and then also have a couple value together, it becomes easier to make decision and make resolution. 

Therefore, through this 2.5 workshop, we focused on defining what our ideal relationship is.


Yoga Time

Regarding identifying your empowering compliments 

If you have a partner, you will be spending a lot of time with this person. Then, it is important to have a partner who will uplift you than a partner who will constantly sabotage you because your partner will definitely be influencing your life.

If you want to live a life you want, then, it is also important for your partner to …

  1. know what you want / know your vision
  2. supportive of your vision

However, in our busy city life, we don’t make time or we may even feel embarrassed in sharing our vision. Therefore, I created a workshop where

  1. we fantasize / write down your vision
  2. create an affirmation / empowering compliments which partners can say to each other

Sometimes, you need somebody to remind you who you want to be and can be. Through this 2.5 hours of workshop, we explore this.



Some of the feedbacks I have received 

“I don’t really talk about these things, so it was a great opportunity to communicate these important things. I feel like I know my partner even better”


“Frankly speaking, I was not expecting much. I was surprised how some of the contents that was mentioned in these workshops are something I have learned in management class. I like how pragmatic it was and something useful it was”


“It is nice how I was given a time to think about myself. I have not thought about myself this much since about 8 years ago when I had to prepare for interviews for my career. I needed this. I feel other people should have this too”



I will be holding Power Couple Program for 1 intensive program.

If anybody is interested do let me know:



=== About Lin ===
Lin is a professional life coach who she acquired both life coach certification and NLP practitioner certification. She is currently acquiring NLP master practitioner certification.


— What is Jiaiii’s mission? —-
1. To create a loving non – judgmental community where people can truly be themselves even in the first encounter
2. To give opportunities for people to self-reflect so they can feel lighter and focus more on their exploring their purpose

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