Feedback from Unleash your Inner Power: Cacao Ceremony

Photos from the workshop

What is Cacao? What are their benefits? 

Cacao has been used for centuries as a “plant medicine”

Historically speaking,  indigenous healers of Mayan and Aztec communities used Cacao to feel connected with Mother Nature and the universe.

Now days, we use cacao in ceremony to support open our hearts and to reconnect with our real selves as ceremonial cacao has positive health benefits such as…

  1. some studies showed 40% increase in blood flow to the brain
  2. some studies showed 80% increase in oxygenation to the body
  3. contains bliss chemicals like
  • serotonin (helps in wellbeing) ,
  • dopamine (helps in giving motivation and pleasure)
  • anandamine (bliss molecule which helps to relieve pain, gives ‘runner’s high’ which gives sudden rush of euphoria and also helps amplify positive feelings associated with food reward)
  •  Phenylethylamine (which amplifies other happy hormones like serotonin and dopamine and also gives you heightened focus, attention and goal-directed behavior)
After Hakima explained about Cacao, she served the Cacao and got ready with giving her meditation 



What did  we did do? 

Basically we did …

NLP based questions to self-explore + Cacao Ceremony + Dancing Your polarities 

We live in a world of duality which is light and dark, happy and sad etc. In our society, we learn to believe that the shadow is bad and is something we want to avoid.

However, like life, everything has duality and it is something part of us which we should not feel ashamed about. Since, we have pain, we can feel blessed. We need duality to experience the beautiful spectrum of life. 

Hence, after drinking our cacao and as we expanded our heart, we explored our own polarity which we have explored in the NLP based questions.

For instance, if you want to be productive in your ideal life, but you’ve realized you sometimes want to be unproductive. Then, we would explore that through our body.


Photo from group share 

The message I wanted to give 

“Our motion creates emotion.” – Anthony Robbins

When we are feeling confident, how do you think our body is like?

Our body will be more outward; chest up, chin up, looking up and smiling.

In other hand, when we are feeling down, we will have a more shrinking motion.

I wanted people to experience their motion and realize they can easily go to their ’empowering’ emotion. As they embody the ‘disempowering’ emotion, I wanted people to accept it and also listen / receive to the message perhaps that the body wanted to give you. 

I wanted people to know that there is no positive or negative. It is only when we label it, it becomes bad. There is no need to be afraid of the shadow because it is part of us. It is beautiful. We are powerful to create this winter into summer again just like life itself. 


Some of the feedbacks

“The idea of polarity was interesting”

“Dancing and expressing through body was interesting; something foreign”

“When I was embodying, ‘lazy and not doing anything’ I realized myself hugging myself. I have realized that I actually wanted to feel loved when I was feeling inactive”

“I was surprised how I was caring what other people think of me even if I like to dance”


A questions we have received during the workshop 

Why is it important to think about our ideal future when I love being in presence? 

The answer is because if you never make time to think about what you want in your future, you will never able to live the life you want. You will never able to do what you want to do because you have not make time to think about it and take action toward it.

Most people, they live in the day to day basis. Then, when you realize, years have passed without doing what you really want to be doing. You may end up regretting how you passed your time because you were never able to do the things that really mattered to you the most.

Therefore, it is extremely important to schedule a time to think about what you really want to do without thinking too realistically. This will help you take action to the direction you want to proceed without the fear that may be limiting you from taking action.


Collaborating with Hakima 

I had collaborated with a beautiful soul  who gives Cacao Ceremony all around the world.

Her website is:


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