Feedbacks from Inner Peace Park Yoga + Falafel + Connecting Time #1

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Agenda:  Yoga / Mini- Workshop / Connection Time 

In a safe accepting space, we all co – create a space where

  • you can feel relaxed
  • you can feel safe in a non-judgmental accepting space
  • you can feel safe to be open and honest about your true feelings


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In this loving space, we first explore yoga

  • by being in presence
  • by feeling how the wind feels on our hand and body
  • releasing tension away from your body and inviting loving energy inside



In the self-introduction, we don’t introduce ourselves with labels.

We share who we are by saying …

  • What do I love about myself 
  • What do I feel proud about myself 


In order to practice giving and receiving, we all had time to reflect and share:

  • What is my ideal life? 
  • What action I want to take? 
  • What inner dialogue do I have that is limiting me from taking action? 
  • What can I say instead? 
  • What can I give by doing what I love? 
  • What support can I receive? 


All the sharing technique is based in NLP

Personally speaking, I was inspired when people said …

  • I can give love and hugs
  • I can give by making time for people and asking questions that is aligned with what they want to do
  •  I can give by listening to people



Some of the feedbacks:

What new things did you learn about yourself?

I learned to be and not worried about what other people may think in the workshop 


“I learned that I can be gentle with myself” 

“I want to be more open to others. I don’t want to be a closed person. I just want to do what I love to do. I want to spend my precious life with people I love”

“I am too emotional and sensitive (it is okay”


What did you like about the event?

“I liked being pushed to reflect and think about my ideal life” 


What can you get from this?

  • Time to love your body
  • Time to honor your life by reflecting yourself in a compassionate way
  • Space to feel accepted and be heard
  • Space to feel safe in a non-judgemental space
  • Space to talk about important matters (not a shallow topic)
  • Space to feel connected

This is a monthly event!

If there are more demand,

I may have this bi-weekly in a sunny beautiful weather!


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