7 Simple Steps to Overcoming Your Self-Sabotaging Self-Talk

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Most likely, everyone in this Earth has experienced or experiencing sabotaging yourself.

  • Have you ever sabotaged yourself?
  • Have you ever find yourself saying within your head, “I am not enough” “I will fail again”

If you had enough of feeling this, then, read the below 7 steps that you can just do by yourself!

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7 steps to overcome your self-sabotage 


Identify how you sabotage yourself 

Get your pens and your notebook!

Write down all the things you say to yourself in what kind of circumstances


  • Why can’t I reply to people?
  • なんでしっかりできないの?Why can I be more organized?



Identify the belief or the expectation you have on yourself 


  • I need to be しっかりしている
  • I need to be organized
  • I need to reply to people



Identify where you have learned that from 


  • ちゃんとしっかりしないと (if you are not organized) you will fail. …

←learned from my dad



Take time to express what you are feeling to those who have hurt you 

Take time to show how they have hurt you or how they have affected your life. You do not have to send them or tell them in person.

JUST WRITING IT makes you feel lighter.

Often times, there are un-resolved issues. You were not able to share how they have hurt you so you were not able to have a closure with your past.

You can get closer to the closer as you recognize how they have hurt you and expressing your emotion.

Optional: Get professional guidance in this area

to let you observe your past and not let you dwell in the pain



Decide what you can tell to yourself instead when the circumstances occur 

Optional: Get professional guidance in this area

to let you gain healthy insight of what you can tell to yourself that is more aligned with your values and whom you want to be



Replace a disempowering inner dialogue to a clear empowering dialogue. 

To remind your new inner-dialogue, put on post-its and put it on your wall!



Make a habitual action to vocalize your clear empowering dialogue until it becomes atomic! 

Optional1: Get professional support for accountability system!

Optional 2: Ask your friend to help you with accountability



If you need some support in empowering yourself,

do feel free to contact me for free 1 on 1 session!


For 2 months Self-Transformational Program:

For 1 month Power Couple Program:

“I feel very safe to share and she guides me with logic. She helps me understand about my mindset in a practical way. Before meeting her, I was struggling with my self esteem. I also felt empty. I didn’t like myself. I didn’t get along with people at work.
But, after her sessions, my whole life literally changed. How I interact with people changed. So, my relationship with others improved. I have also found what I want to work on. She literally helped me transform myself. I am so happy I met her. ”

(women 30s)
“I didn’t think my life would change so much in just 1 month” (women 30s)


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