“1” Rule Series (1 min. read) (日本語あり)

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In the city life, we sometimes forget to take time to do something for ourselves.

  • We have overwork.
  • We have work the next day.
  • We have to think about the meeting for the next day.
  • We have to prepare for the meeting for the next day.


We are constantly thinking about our work that we don’t schedule to make time for ourselves. 

When we do this, we slowly also lose our identity; 

we forget what makes us joyful / we forget what makes us feel excited because we don’t take time to explore. 

When you know, you have no idea who you are; you don’t know what you like.

You feel more and more comfortable being in the comfort zone as you slowly murder your own sense of identity.

Thus, let’s

  • list what makes us feel joyful 
  • schedule to do 1 thing that makes us feel joyful (minimum 1 min) 

1 ~ 5 min of doing something you enjoy is okay. 

Doing this everyday is important because if not, it will not be sustainable because you will most likely be overwhelmed with sense of loss. 

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  • 残業があり、帰りが遅い
  • 翌日は仕事だ。早く行って、準備をしないといけない
  • 大切なミーティングについて頭がいっぱい
  • 翌日の打ち合わせの準備をしないと、いけない

常にお仕事について考えていて、自分のために毎日何かをすることを忘れてしまうことはあると思います。これを、長年続かせてしまうと、少しずつ自分のidentify を見失ってしまいます。











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