1 Important Question to ask when you feel you had failed (1 min. read)

If you don’t fail, you wont succeed.

So, ask yourself everyday,

  • “what did I do to challenge myself?” 
  • “How did I honor my mistakes? / How did I make a mistake into a lesson?” 



Everybody dies. You and I will eventually die. 

In your death bed, do you think you will say,

“I had such a full-filling life! I stayed in my comfort zone!

I did not grow. I made less mistakes than anybody I know!

I had dreams, but I made sure I made it just a “what if?” and feel safe! 

Wow. That was a great life.” 

If that is not what you want to tell to yourself,

start changing your mindset and action. 

Because obviously your action can predict your future. 



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