Your Biggest Enemy_Idea #4 _(1min. read)


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  • If you don’t take action, nothing happens. Your situation remains the same.
  • If you take action to meet other people’s expectation which is not aligned with who you really are, then, you are wasting your time because you will always be unsatisfied. You will always be saying, “what if? …?”


Your biggest enemy is not a person.

It is you.

You are your worst enemy. 

If you had been hurt in the past and thereby are paralyzed to take action toward your dream, it it is not the other people’s fault for your inability to achieve what you want.

It is not confronting yourself enough to heal from the past, so you can be freed from heavy emotion that is taking you away from trusting your intuition. 

When you do not overcome your pain from the past, it will not let you be truly creative.

It will protect you from being who you are because you had been hurt in the past by being who you are. 

Your brain will try to protect you from listening to your inner voice.

Start by confronting your past so you can be truly creative.

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