5 questions to ask when you are sad or stressed or both_#idea5 _1 min. read

You are happy when you are aligned with your true values. 

When you are living life as an expression of your values, you feel energized and happy. 

In other words,

when you are sad / stressed,

it is simply because you are not living your values.

You are being farther away from your true self / POTENTIAL true self. 

If you are doing what you love and have felt sadness or stressed, yes, it may hurt, but the feeling is different. You will still have some sense of excitement because you know it will help you expand your world.

Screen Shot 2019-06-15 at 9.36.11 AM

Therefore, when you are sad / stressed, start reflecting by asking,

  • What are my true values? 
  • What is life trying to tell me through this emotion and experience? 
  • Will my future self be happy if I choose to stay like this despite of societal expectation or pressure? 
  • Do the people in the space where I’ve felt sad / stress  look like somebody who I want to become? Do they look emotionally happy? 
  • How can I respect myself more? 


These questions will help you get back in track.

“Whatever you focus on, you will get”

If you are sad or stressed, people tend to focus on the negative. Then, you will, of course, be more negative.

Therefore, while you recognize your feeling, start shifting your focus. 


When you reflect, start writing them with pens or typing them. 

I HIGHLY DO NOT SUGGEST just thinking in your head because you won’t able to organize your thought with that approach.



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