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Everyday you make a decision. 

Although, it may look subtle, in a life time, it makes a great difference. 

Each decision you make is your choice. 

Each emotion you feel is your choice. 


NOBODY made you mad. 

NOBODY made you feel inferior.

NOBODY made you feel like shit. 



YOU CHOSE to take things personally. 

If you are affected by it, it also means you are still hurt from your past.
If you are not hurt,
you will not feel anything negative 
because you accept the person as it is and not be reactive to it.



When you take ownership to your emotion,

you will start feeling powerful because you are taking charge of your life. 


So many people blame others to protect themselves.


Many people they wait for people to act certain way when they have not vocalize what they want. Many people get hurt when others do not act certain ways….

They blame others for not knowing. …


Nobody will know until you vocalize what you want. 

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Nobody will know your boundaries

if you don’t vocalize what you want and what you don’t want 


The blame is not in the world.

Let’s take ownership and regain your power!


◉◉◉Empower Your Mind, Empower Your Life ◉◉◉
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