How to be in a accepting space (1 min read)

How to be in an accepting space …

The quick answer is



There are 3 benefits of expressing yourself 

  1. Promote your own self-discovery 
  2. Let other people feel safe to be themselves / promote other people ‘s self-discovery 
  3. Be surrounded with the people who accept and love you  


This is the thought process for 1 ~ 2

Screen Shot 2019-06-20 at 5.10.17 PM.png

To achieve #3, you must understand one thing.

  • If you are yourself and people are acting unkind to you or don’t appreciate yourself, it’s GREAT 

⇒ You know this is not your place

⇒ 1 step closer in finding a place that you feel connected


  • If you are yourself and you don’t vibe with a person, it’s GREAT

⇒ One less fake friends

⇒ Less possibility of getting hurt from your possible friendship






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