How to change your life! (2 min read)

Thought is composed of about 100 billion nerve cells (neurons) which is interconnected by synapses.  Our brain generates this electrical impulse which is a form of energy.




Thought = Energy


As Einstein produced his famous equation of E=mc2

Energy = Mass


Thought ≒ Energy ≒ Mass ≒ 3D World ≒ What we perceive as reality

Thought = Reality


Internal World Reflects Our External World .

“If your thoughts determine your reality, and you keep thinking the same thoughts (which are a product and reflection of the environment), then you will continue to produce the same reality”

– Dr. Joe Dispenza


Unless you change your internal world / mind,

your external world / the experience you will have will not change



Neuroscientists have found out that

5% of cognitive activities is done in your consciousness where as 95% of all brain activity is done in your subconscious mind.


This means that

95% of action you take is done in your subconscious mind. 



Empower your subconscious mind, change your world! 

Screen Shot 2019-06-20 at 4.43.09 PM.png



(1) Create an empowering mind

1-1. being aware and identifying your current disempowering subconscious mind

  1. Identify your current negative inner dialogue
  2. Explore your subconscious thought pattern by deep-diving and understanding the values behind this dialogue
  3. Identify where you have learned this inner dialogue
  4. Strategize in creating empowering mind
  5. Take habitual action
  6. Re-strategize if the habitual action is not working


1-2. focusing on what you want  and not on what you don’t want

  1. Take responsibility on your words
  2. Take responsibility on your quality of your questions
  3. Take responsibility on what you say
  4. Write a journal everyday to focus your mind to serving thoughts
  5. Create vision board

(2) Take repetitive empowering HABITUAL action with emotional intensity until it becomes automatic activity

= by intensifying new empowering neural pathways

= by weakening the old disempowering neural pathways

= by empowering your subconscious mind

= by taking empower action

⇒  Empower your reality =  Change Your Reality


Strategizing in creating empowering mind

is what I will essentially do in my private one on one sessions.


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