Having similar struggles? (1 min read)

This is for anybody who is ….

  • feeling resentment 
  • meeting same kind of people who are mentally / emotionally / physically hurting you 
  • wanting to escape from reality 
  • feeling irritated 

This hurts. You feel stuck.

However, this is the most beautiful blessing you can ever receive from life. This is because your life is trying to teach you a valuable lesson.

Valuable life lesson chance to respect yourself more.

Similar Struggle

= Opportunity to learn how to self – care

= Understanding yourself enough to create healthy boundaries 


Screen Shot 2019-06-21 at 8.15.04 AM

If you are experiencing similar situation / people ‘ruining your life’ , DO NOT BLAME THEM. It does not resolve anything. 

You are responsible to vocalize your boundaries 

Nobody will do it for you . You are not powerless. 

You are the one who teaches others compassionately

  • what is allowed 

  • what is not allowed 


If they do not like who you are, then …

  • accept them as who they are
  • start making plans to find other people who resonate with you

There is no need for you to be with them and choosing to be in an environment that lowers your self-esteem. If you keep on going like this, you will feel lost and would become harder to function.


if you are in a situation where you MUST be in an environment because you are under restricted condition, then, there is a learning to be learned through this experience.



start changing your interpretation of your life.

If your current interpretation is not helping you and making you feel miserable,then,

change your interpretation! 

observe your life objectively and start taking time to reflect to learn your lessons. 


◉◉◉Empower Your Mind, Empower Your Life ◉◉◉
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