How to be a in a ‘long-term creative state’? (1min read)

The below chart is the range of survival emotion VS. elevated emotion.

from “breaking the habit of being yourself” – dr. joe dispenza

When we are in a survival mode, we are not able to be in the creative space because …

  1. we are under activated flight, fight flee response
  2. our executive brain function decreases


In a survival state, it would be difficult for one to be in a pure creative state because they don’t have the capacity to be and express so.

Moreover, when you have survival emotion, you will have mental blockages that will hamper you from realizing your dream. Sometimes, it may take 2 years to do something you can logically do for 2 focused days because you have mental limitation.

So, essentially speaking, it is extremely vital to

deep-dive where you have learned and memorized to have these survival emotion

You are still hurt and affected.

This is why you have these emotion.

If you want to truly be happy, confront your past. 

If necessary, get guidance in confronting your past

and not dwell being into being in the past. 

◉◉◉Empower Your Mind, Empower Your Life ◉◉◉

Through her session, you will deep dive your subconscious thought pattern that creates this survival emotion that stops you from achieving what you want 
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