How to make a habit? (3 min. read)

In making our habit, what we are essentially doing is promoting neuroplasticity.

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Read about neuroplasticity in my 2 min. blog



4 simple steps to promote neuroplasticity

  1. Identify the unwanted habit + its trigger 
  2. Identify the wanted habit + its trigger 
  3. Replace unwanted habit to wanted habit
  • 4-1) Re-strategize if it is not working
  • 4-2) Give positive feedbacks in little things and release dopamine!

The foundation to do the 4 simple steps are …

Daily focus on your end goals / highest value 

2 Points to be aware of … 

  • Do not make your habits personal 

Do not punish yourself. Just imagine you are doing a science project. You are your own experiments. Being emotional does not lead you anywhere.

Punishing yourself for not being able to do something is absurd ESP if you are NOT in the right environment or the right circumstances.

There are no failures. Only feedbacks. 

  • Take baby steps 

A baby does not run from the start. They start from crawling. So, why are you trying to run when your muscles are not ready yet?

  • Is your environment optimized? 

Let’s say, you don’t want to watch TV. But, your remote control is in a reachable place or your TV is in the living room, it would, of course, be difficult not to watch TV.

Do you put a cloth on the TV?

Do you put your remote control in a challenging place? 

If your environment is not a temptation almost-free environment, it is not YOU that is wrong. Your quality of your strategy is just poor 



if you can understand your subconscious thought pattern behind your unwanted habit, you can create real countermeasures to end the unwanted habit with discipline and self-compassion


~ Personal Story ~ 

For example, I really could not clean before.

Superficially speaking, my unwanted habit: being dirty & my wanted habit: clean.

However, I just could not clean BECAUSE I did not explore my subconscious reason why I did not clean. After deep-diving, I’ve found out that I subconsciously associated 

cleaning = being submissive to my dad = restricted = no freedom = no individuality 

Because I subconsciously had this association, I could not clean because if I cleaned, it meant I had no freedom. 

However, by understanding my own subconscious thought, I was able to take action to heal from my past that now I can clean the room. 


In my transformational program, you will do something similar … You will …

  • explore the subconscious thought pattern behind the unwanted habit so new unwanted habit wont surface
  • create empowering habits instead
  • hold accountability within the program of 👆
  • support in your daily focus in your end goals / values
  • hold accountability within the program 👆



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