1 Power Couple Habit that enriches our relationship (1 min read)

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Picture by @Rob Piazza / https://www.robpiazza.com/

I would like to share you…. 

1 simple Power Couple Habit 


  • Schedule a fixed daily communication time 
    • What did we do that day? 
    • What is our intention for the next day?
    • Others – Any un-resolved issues
      • Talk about any un-resolved issues in different times so you can talk when there is less ego. You can talk more calmly with logics without having a sense of defensiveness


* TIPS when sharing …

  • the speaker always says, “Thank you for listening. ” 
  • the listener always says, “I accept you. I love you. Thank you for sharing” 

* Other tips ….

  • IF there is any passionate idea exchange, the bigger person ALWAYS HUGS 
  • Others – Talk about your own rituals you would like to have


*** If your highest value is communication or growth and you feel this is important, but your partner does not want to do this, then, perhaps it is time for you to re-think about your relationship.

You are / will be investing a lot of time in your relationship.

I hope you are with somebody who can help you grow and meet your goal / vision as a partner. I hope you are not with somebody because you don’t want to be alone.

Bluntly speaking, if you cannot be yourself in your relationship, you will always be suppressing / feeling unsatisfied. This feeling will not go away. 

Be brave to let go if necessary for your own happiness 



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