Idea to overcome any situation (1min read)

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Look at your life from a BIG perspective

Life is like a school.

You are in an extremely VIVID realistic learning of school! 

Every situation is like a semester for you to learn something. 

If you CONFRONT your lesson, then you get to experience another NEW different situation or semester.

HOWEVER, if you avoid your lesson, SAME SIMILAR situation will repeat itself in a different and more difficult situation. 

Lastly, for you to pass the semester, it is extremely important to pass the assignment which is the people.

You need to see a BIG picture learn what these people are trying to teach you. 

Instead of focusing what you don’t want and complaining it,

start making a habit to find the solution.

If you don’t start seeking it, you will just go into a black hole of self-destructive thought.



If you are serious in self-growth, then,

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