The past session topics before from mid Jul. 2019


You are not alone

Everybody is going through. We are all human beings experiencing. 



“I get extremely irritated esp.  in the train or when people are in my space”
Subconscious / Conscious Inner self-talk: “Get away from me”


“I was engaged twice. Failed twice. What is wrong with me?”
Subconscious / Conscious Inner self-talk: “I cannot reach out to happiness”
“What can I do to have better relationship with my wife”
“Why do I do certain things that will not make her happy”


“I want him to tell me everything. I want him to be transparent”



“If I don’t act the same way as others, I will stand out. They will think I am weird!


Being able to persist in what I want to do without feeling shame or embarrassment
“Taking more than giving is bad” so I cannot pursue what I like because I will be taking away people’s opportunity
Cannot take action when doing something new
“I am not good enough. I cannot do it alone”



“I need to be in control” and the concept of confidence
Creating habits
“I am not good enough”


Anxious / Lost (30s – 50s) 
“I don’t know what I like to do in my life”
“I feel shame for not being able to figure it out by now”
“I sometimes feel uninspired when living in Japan”
“I don’t know what to do in life. I don’t feel satisfied at where I am right now.”
 “my life is going nowhere”
Job hunting 
“I dont know what to do”
“I can’t fail”
“I don’t know what to do. I don’t know whether I am making the right decision”


“I feel overwhelmed with my work. I feel like I want to quit”
“I feel my work performance goes down when I am working with the executive positions”
“I can’t have any focus”


– sexual harassment
– verbal abuse
– cult

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