TIP 1 : Happiness

  • Do not wait for happiness 
  • Do not rely others for your happiness 


With 👆mindset, you will always be waiting and you will always be sad because happiness, in this term, is very elusive. You will always be in constant fear because you will never know when this happiness can be taken away from you.


Start creating your own happiness everyday

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Picture by @Rob Piazza / https://www.robpiazza.com/


Sometimes, people tend to rely on their partners for their own happiness

This is a huge burden for the other partner.

When creating your own happiness alone can be challenging enough,

imagine having the pressure to fulfill somebody else’s happiness?

It is understandable that some people will not able to withstand this. 





Learning from my past experience and realizing that how relying on others for my happiness causes pain in the long term, I never rely my partner for my own happiness.

This is why my partner and I  have a happy relationship because we both can create our own happiness. Being together just simply increases our happiness 



Most people who has this tendency of relying others for their happiness occurs because they don’t know what makes them happy and they have the tendency of not taking ownership of their life.

In a sense, they gave up because most likely they were not allowed to be themselves when they were a child. Since, they were suppressed and had to hide their true emotion, they forgot what makes them joyful because being truly joyful was not allowed growing up.

Thereby, start asking yourself and create a list of:

  • What makes me feel joyful?
  • What makes me feel happy?
  • What made me happy in the past?


Let’s start creating the future you want to live in by living truly in the present and doing what makes you happy! 





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