How to reduce most of your current stress

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With working with my tribe or people who have taken my trial sessions, I have realized many of them do not vocalize without much conscious. This causes great stress, annoyance, irritation or anger.

For me, whenever I want to vocalize what is okay and what is not okay, I remind myself with this graph.

With clear and logical action process map, it makes me easier to take action.

Some of the key points: 

  • I know that if I don’t vocalize I will not be happy. My past experience shows this and I know many people will resonate with this
  • I know that if I vocalize from the state of negative emotion, it obviously makes other person not feel good. So, vocalize from a space of love and understanding. Never vocalize from the space of negativity because you will NOT reap any benefit out of it 
  • If you vocalize, it did not go on the way you expected that is also okay. You can then ask yourself whether you want to stay or leave the space. It is actually very simple

Stay ⇒ You will keep on suffering from your choice

Leave ⇒ You have other possibilities

  • If you dismiss your intuition to vocalize and stay suppressed, the more the situation will get complex and the more it will get difficult for you to get out


I hope somehow this support you to make empowering action!




Most likely, if you

  • have difficulty in vocalization
  • have fear of rejection

it is because SUBCONSCIOUSLY you are affected by your past



Usually, it is difficult to overcome this alone because it is happening in your subconscious mind.

If you would like to have some assistance, feel free to ask for trial session!




(I can also provide relationship life coaching as well)

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